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When the countdown begins, and the lights go green, it's the tires that translate raw power into speed. Meet the Mickey Thompson ET Drag Pro Drag Radial - a dependable competition tire designed for drag races. The professionals recommend this model for automatic transmission cars for maximum performance.

First of all, the ET Drag Pro Drag Radial comes with a radial build that grants lower rolling resistance. This not only increases handling accuracy but also boosts fuel efficiency. The optimized rubber compound resists wear and tear, providing a longer lifespan. It also firmly sticks to the ground for maximum control and stability on dry roads. Next, the slick footprint offers the best possible surface contact, ensuring superb traction and grip. Its tubeless build secures a tight rim fit to prevent pressure loss via air leaks, removing any unwanted risks during your race.

In addition, this Mickey Thompson tire benefits from durable sidewalls that combat lateral forces created at high speeds, offering precise steering ability on the track. Their rounded shape protects the rim from impacts to avoid scraping or abrasions. On top of that, the white letter design upgrades the looks of your ride, allowing you to win with style. The tough internal structure absorbs road shocks and vibrations for maximum comfort. In conclusion, if you want more victories, then Mickey Thompson tires are great companions in your journey to the top. At last, this model is available on the US market in popular sizes with rim diameters of 15".

Features and benefits

  • Excellent competition tire recommended for heads-up/class racing.
  • Slick footprint ensures the best contact with the surface for maximum traction.
  • Special rubber compound offers superior handling ability and wear resistance on the track.
  • Radial build lowers the rolling resistance to increase fuel efficiency.
  • Rounded sidewalls with white letters combat lateral forces and upgrade your style.

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