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At the forefront of any racing competition, tires play a pivotal role in setting the stage for victory. So, choose them carefully because it might be the deciding factor between a win and a loss. We present Mickey Thompson's complete line of front position tires, called the ET Front. It is made up of four different tire models, each crafted for its destined use, be it cars, dragsters, or land speed racers.

The difference between the four models

Firstly, the Mickey Thompson ET Front 30045 has a narrow footprint that focuses on handling accuracy. The slick tread design provides maximum surface contact, ensuring pin point precision when steering your vehicle. Moreover, the rounded profile enhances stability at higher speeds, keeping you safe and in control at all times. Durable sidewalls combat lateral forces, granting excellent balance. This special design gives your ride a sporty look, allowing you to conquer with style.

The next tire model in this line is available in multiple sizes to fit a wider range of needs. To distinguish it from the other tires in this lineup, it has different codes, these being 3001, 3002, 3005, 3006I, 3007I, and 3009I. What stands out is the wider footprint that increases surface contact and delivers superior traction. The ribbed design works wonders on the front axle, enhancing the steering ability and overall stability of the vehicle at high speeds. Moreover, the linear grooves boost self cleaning, thus reducing the risk of aquaplaning on slippery surfaces. Besides, the special sipe pattern adds extra biting edges that raise grip and responsiveness. A closed shoulder design promotes regular wear and improves the cornering ability for maximum performance on the track.

Moving on to the third installment in this lineup - the ET Front 3008. It features a ribbed tread pattern with wider grooves that offer excellent steering precision. Rounded sidewalls with special protector ribs prevent scraping from lateral impacts, keeping the tire intact and strong. As for the fourth model in Mickey Thompson's lineup, it features a similar tread pattern as the second one. Specifically, the ET Front 30073 and 30093 have a ribbed design with small grooves and sipes. What makes it different is the footprint width, which is slightly more narrow, giving you an edge against your competitors.

What they have in common

All these models have high quality rubber compounds that warm up quickly, allowing you to perform at your best in no time. It also resists constant wear and tear, increasing the lifespan of the tread. This special rubber formula ensures a sticky grip on the surface, completely removing the risks of skidding in dry conditions. Their rounded sidewalls with white letters upgrade the ride's style by giving it a bold appearance. Moreover, an ultra light bias construction on all the models in this lineup provides lower rolling resistance, meaning that it consumes less fuel. It also freely rolls on the axle without the risk of hurting your vehicle's performance. At last, these tires are available in a wide range of popular sizes with 15" and 17" rim diameters.

Features and benefits

  • Complete line of front tires designed for applications on cars, dragsters, and land speed racers.
  • Various footprint sizes grant the best road contact and handling precision for its destined use.
  • Advanced rubber compound minimizes wear and tear while offering a sticky grip on the track at all times.
  • Optimized tread pattern variations boost the self cleaning ability and enhance responsiveness.
  • Ultra light bias build keeps the rolling resistance at its lowest for the best fuel economy and ETs.
  • White letter sidewalls give your ride a bold look while fighting off lateral forces to increase stability at higher speeds.

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