Mickey Thompson ET JR.

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The safety and success of Jr. drag racers depend on a lot of factors, and one of the most critical is the choice of tires. If you want a true winner, then the Mickey Thompson ET JR. is your best bet. This is an excellent dragster tire that ensures the best performance, helping you get better ETs (Elapsed Times).

Firstly, the Mickey Thompson ET JR. comes with a slick footprint that provides maximum contact with the surface. This allows your vehicle to perform at its best capacity, getting you that win. The engineers carefully crafted the structure of this tire to optimize stability and grant consistent performance. An optimal footprint width evenly spreads the weight of the vehicle on the surface, therefore increasing steering accuracy and overall balance on the track. Moreover, a new L2 rubber compound offers a sticky grip, propelling your vehicle forward the instant you accelerate.

In addition, the advanced rubber formula of the Mickey Thompson ET JR. resists constant wear and tear, resulting in a longer service life. It also quickly warms up, requiring little to no burnout and getting you to perform at your best in no time. The robust sidewalls protect the rim from lateral impacts to prevent unwanted situations. They also fight off lateral forces created at higher speeds, keeping you in control at all times with no risk of skidding. The white letters on the sidewall give your ride a bold look to help you win with style. A tough internal build absorbs vibrations, ensuring high comfort levels. Finally, this model is available on the US market in limited sizes with rim diameters of 8" and 10".

Features and benefits

  • Winner dragster tire designed for Jr. drag racing.
  • Slick footprint provides the best contact with the surface.
  • Modern L2 rubber compound grants a sticky grip and warms up very quickly.
  • Durable sidewalls combat lateral forces and give your ride a stylish look.
  • Tough internal casing absorbs vibrations to upgrade comfort levels.

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