Mickey Thompson SPORTSMAN S/R

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Mickey Thompson is a well known manufacturer that helps competition enthusiasts win races and set records. Aside from that, it also has a lineup made for casual drivers who are looking to enhance their experience. For example, the Sportsman S/R is a trusty tire for hot rods and muscle cars.

Primarily, the Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R is available in distinct sizes for rear and front wheel applications. The rear version features a much wider footprint that takes traction to a whole other level. It maximizes surface contact, ensuring that all engine power is smoothly used to propel the vehicle forward. Besides, the unique "flamed" tread pattern boosts performance on wet roads, keeping you safe and in control at all times. A continuous center rib provides stability when taking sharp turns, offering the best grip. Also, the directional grooves throw away water from the footprint to reduce the risk of aquaplaning.

In addition, the front version of the Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R has a narrow profile that ensures the best handling accuracy at the maximum speed of 130 mph. A similar "flamed" tread pattern allows for a good looking fitment on your hot rod. What's more, the advanced rubber compound lowers the rolling resistance and grants higher mileage. The tough construction absorbs shocks and vibrations, thus elevating comfort levels. A durable pair of sidewalls shield the rim from curb damage and other harmful obstacles. Finally, this model is available in a wide range of sizes for street rods and muscle cars, starting with 15" and going up to 20" wheel diameters.

Features and benefits

  • Ultimate hot rod/muscle car tire available in versions for the rear and front axles.
  • Special "flamed" tread pattern provides excellent traction in dry and wet conditions.
  • Abundant grooves lower the risk of aquaplaning by throwing water away from the footprint.
  • Modern rubber compound lowers the rolling resistance for maximum fuel efficiency.
  • Tough radial build absorbs road shocks and vibrations to elevate comfort levels.

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