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Nokian Nordman 7 SUV

This model is one of the most affordable and reliable studded tires from the Nokian lineup designed especially to manage severe winter requests offering a high level of safety and comfort during driving. It shows good performance in low temperatures less than 40 degrees, due to the flexible rubber compound used in the production of this tire.

The Nordman 7 SUV promises you to get through winter in safety and comfort, offering good rolling resistance and the best fuel usage at the same time. This tire has a wide anchor stud designed to provide a superior firm grip without compromises on icy and the slipperiest surfaces.

One of the most used innovations by Nokian is the Air Claw Technology which combines a sturdy steel stud and drop-shaped air dampers on the tread blocks designed to provide the best grip in its class.

For owners of vehicles, sustainability is as important as safety, this aspect is taken into consideration by Nokian engineers which use low-aromatic, purified oils in the production of its models. This model is available from 15 to 20-inch sizes.

Features & Benefits

  • A studded treadwear.

  • Eco Stud 7 System and Air Claw.

  • Driving Safety Indicator and Winter Safety Indicator.

  • Eco-Friendly rubber product.

  • A durable and strong ARAMID SIDEWALLS to provide enhanced durability and puncture-resistant treadwear.

  • Double Slush Edge- removes snow and slush between the tire and the road surface reducing slush planing, thus enhancing lateral grip.

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