Paragon tires

No matter your vehicle type, be it a sedan, SUV, CUV, or light truck – Paragon has the perfect tire waiting for you.  This is a trusty brand that has established a proud history in the US market. Their engineers use state of the art technology that exceeds industry standards. The founders wondered why tires are usually expensive, and after years of research, this inspired them to create Paragon. Through quality and excellence, these tires proved to the world that cheap doesn't necessarily mean bad. Their affordable models mimic the exact results and performance of major tire brands, helping drivers who are on a budget equip their beloved vehicles with trusty tires.

Paragon uses a complex manufacturing process, ensuring that every tire comes out as perfect as intended. Before becoming a final product, the tires go through harsh testing, checking everything on the list. A strict quality system makes sure that the models meet the high expectations of their customers. In addition, every tire features an innovative tread pattern with the needed elements for its specific application, be it all season, all terrain, or highway.

Best Paragon tires

First of all, the PCR lineup benefits from superb models such as Tour CUV, Sport HP, and Tour. They effectively utilize modern designs and rugged builds that maximize their longevity and performance. A ribbed tread pattern grants superior stability and traction in various conditions, ensuring that drivers can safely finish their journeys. High quality rubber materials improve fuel efficiency and absorb road shocks for the highest comfort levels.

What's more, tires such as TracRunner and RidgeRunner make the LT lineup. The first one is intended for highway terrains and the latter for all terrain applications. Also, the tough structures of these models easily support the weight of light trucks as well as extra loads when necessary. By making the best out of their features, these models aid drivers in their travels with maximum performance and stability. Finally, if you are looking for a reliable brand that doesn't pressure the pockets, then Paragon is an excellent choice.

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