Price Difference For Mud Tires

When you have a good Four Wheel Drive (FWD) SUV or a truck equipped with the right tires, you are able to overtake any mud without any issues. Taken in consideration that we’re in the “muddy” season, is the perfect time to check what tires you should have to be sure you won’t have any problems passing through a difficult mud.

First thing that you should know is that those tires having the “M/T” signs indicate that they are for Mud and Trails. If your tires do not have this sign, we recommend you to stay away from mud. Such types of tires are having a really aggressive tread and an overall really strong carcass. These tires are made for enduring the damage that unpaved surfaces, ruts, rocks and mud may make.

Today, we are going to talk about mud tires prices and first thing to mention is that mudders (tires for mud) usually have a higher price tag compared to everyday tires due to various reasons. One of those reasons is that such tires are built for loading ranges 6-, 8- and even 10-ply ratings, compared to the 4 ply ratings that most of the passenger tires offer. Another reason, as mentioned, such tires usually have a strong carcass too including other factors too.

Important to know is that mud tires are having a lower top speed rating compared to passenger tires (and obviously, race tires) – often they are Q rated. This indicates that mudders are good for 100 miles per hour (approximately 160 km/h) and that’s making them good enough for highway use. They are going to offer you a rougher highway ride compared to all-terrain tires.

Another important fact to keep in mind is that mud tires are generating a different friction on highways and off road than all-terrain tires all along with the softer tread compound that is helping these tires to well grip the uneven surfaces, therefore, you’ve got to know that they are not going to last as long as other tires too.

This is why is so important to know that tires for mud are requiring a proper and special maintenance. For example, you should when you go for off-roading, you’ve got to air them down and if you’re going back on the streets, you need to re-inflate to “paved road pressure”. You’ve also got to keep them balanced and rotated.

Luckily for you, at Neo Tires you are capable to find a lot of information about perfect tires that suits up your needs the best being capable to find the price range of each of them. According to the performance attributes of each type of tire versus the price, you can choose which one suit your needs.

Below we would share a few tires for mud that we prefer with different price tags.


$ = Low budged tires compared to others of such type

$$ = Affordable tires not too expensive, not the cheapest

$$$ = Premium tires that are better compared to most others

$$$$ = Absolute best tires of such type that you could find

Toyo Open Country M/T

The tires called Toyo Open Country M/T has earned a well deserved reputation thanks for its ability to show top level off road performance. This tire is hook shaped, having high void blocks knowing for well grabbing onto sand, gravel, rocks and mud and in addition to that, the scalloped shoulder is well blocking handle ruts. Plus to that, the tire is offering sidewall tread elements which are known for enhancing the traction.

The Toyo Open Country M/T tire is gathering even more strength from its 3-ply polyester carcass and as a bonus – the tread is self cleaning as well. The performance it showed proved that the tire is great on pavement since is doing a great job in “swallowing” each block for offering extra grip in rain, mud and snow. Other than that, it makes a quiet ride too. Toyo Open Country M/T tires are much more durable compared to most other competitors that you would find.

  • Price: $$$$
  • Season: All-Season
  • Load Range: E (10 ply)
  • Best Uses: For difficult off road paths as well as can be a comfortable tire for everyday travel on highway.

Green Max Traveler M/T

The mud tire that is rated at 6, 8 or 10 ply called Green Max Traveler M/T is having very aggressive, lug-style blocks all across the four ribs. Due to the tire’s wide and deep voids, you can be sure that they are going to be great even when you’re preparing to go through the worst off-road surfaces. Such tires allow you to pass surfaces that you haven’t even considered in the past.

In the same time, The Green Max Traveler M/T is doing a great job on a pavement, even wet pavement and with such a tire, users would notice an improved street handling on trucks as well as SUVs even when they are taken in comparison with many lug-style and higher ply tires. One of the best news when talking about Traveler M/T is the price. Taken in consideration that the tires are manufactured by a Chinese company called Ling Long, they are very affordable, we can even say “cheap” compared to other mud tires.

  • Price: $
  • Season: All-Season
  • Load Range: C (6 ply); D (8 ply); E (10 ply) – depending on the size
  • Best Uses: For difficult off road paths but is also good for towing and paved street use when you need a softer ride.

Centennial Dirt Commander M/T

A pretty affordable mud tire that is doing a great job is the Centennial Dirt Commander M/T that is having a tread design which makes it pretty clear – such tires are always ready for any off-road challenges. The Commander is having its four ribs with big and overlapping as well as irregularly shaped blocks that is offering extra tractions edges required for deep voids to pass through the difficult-to-pass roads where’s extra dirt, gravel, mud rocks as well as light snow.

The Centennial Commander M/T is a perfect tire for light snow as is being rated as an all season-tire, showing a great performance in off-road, light snow and doing well in rain as well. Despite the fact that it offers a design that is very aggressive required for off road, do not let this design fool you into making you think that it won’t do a great job on a highway. Take the Centennial Commander M/T and you’re all set, being ready for either every day mountain ride as well as serious off-road.

  • Price: $$
  • Season: All-Season
  • Load Range: E (10 ply)
  • Best Uses: For every day ride, for towing as well as for difficult off road paths.

BFGoodrich Mud/Terrain T/A KM2

If you’re preparing your vehicle for a serious and difficult off-road, is hard to find tires that would offer you more confidence than BFGoodrich Mud/Terrain T/A KM2 – perfect big-lugged tires that would behave extremely good either in serious mud, or on a highway. Its design might make you think that the tires are good exclusively for off-road, but that is a big mistake. These tires are going to sip all types of roads, regardless if we’re talking about muddy and rocky trails, or the snow covered pavement.

If you’re worried about the off road, the BFGoodrich Mud/Terrain T/A KM2 won’t leave you disappointed with its extra stable performance on a difficult off-road due to the tread that has added strength from 2 steel belts as well as a nylon cap ply. If you got to a serious mud, there’s nothing to be worried about – its sidewall lugs are offering you extra traction, making sure you go over it. Other than that, The tread is self cleaning too. OK, you have good mudders, but you may want to have a quiet street ride either as you could drive them on a daily basis. Don’t go too far, with such a type of tire, your daily drive would get enhanced too.

  • Price: $$$
  • Season: All-Season
  • Load Range: C (4 ply); D (6 ply); E (10 ply) – depending on the size
  • Best Uses: For every day ride, and amazing for difficult off road paths.

Kanati Mud Hog M/T

If you ever heard someone saying that in Indonesia you can’t find anything good for your car, show them the Kanati Mud Hog M/T tire performance. This Indonesian tire is amazing to help you get over the rockiest surfaces and in the same time, you won’t get a “black hole” in your wallet. The Kanati Mud Hog M/T would amaze you by how well it can perform in significant rocky trail due to its heavily blocked tread as well as super strong carcass and in the same time, you’re going to a feeling of calmness when you equip them and go on a highway. This tire is offering super long shoulder lugs too.

The Kanati Mud Hog M/T is extremely well made, offering 2 polyester plies, 2 steel plies as well as 2 nylon plies that is supporting the tread. In order to protect the tire from unwanted and possible damage, the tread pattern is supplemented with sidewall lugs and they great help to keep you tires safe and sound.

  • Price: $$
  • Season: All-Season
  • Load Range: C (6 ply); E (10 ply) – depending on the size
  • Best Uses: For every day driving combined with rocky or/and sandy trails.

Pirelli Scorpion MTR

Pirelli is a well known tire company and therefore, many people automatically assume that they are expensive which is far from true – Pirelli Scorpion MTR is a prime example of that with its competitive price for a mud tire that is having a dual compound rubber. Thanks to this, it makes the tread a bit more flexible and a bit more grippy, allowing users go through harsh road spots. In the same time, this tire would allow you to save some extra money. The carcass is really well built being stiff enough for great stability and maneuverability.

The Pirelli Scorpion MTR is having C load range and that’s making it have great off-road strength but in the same time is allowing for a smooth and comfortable highway drive, especially when is being compared to some other heavier builds. The tread is obviously offering the lugs that are required for the muddy and rocky trails thanks to which the tire is doing a great job and is also displaying a great performance in rain as well as light snow on paved road.

  • Price: $$
  • Season: All-Season
  • Load Range: C (6 ply)
  • Best Uses: Perfect balance for every day driving on a highway combined with off-road needs.

Atturo Trail Blade M/T


Most of the tires that are made to do a great job in the mud, trails and rocky roads do not look as good as other tires, that’s because they are usually made in a way that help handle all those roads, but the “extra –everything” makes it less attractive. Yet, that’s a different story when talking about the Atturo Trail Blade M/T which look extremely good and perform even better.

Thanks to the tread blocks that were shaped like knife blades this tire obtained the name of “Trail Blade” and they are truly working like “blades” as they are ready to attack and cut through anything that stands in their way. As a result, those who choose to equip their SUV or truck with Atturo Trail Blade M/T would ensure their car is really good looking when parked, yet is capable to release the “monster” when you are preparing for serious off-road trips. As an added bonus to a stylish “monster” that looks good whilst performing amazing on off-road, this monster is “controlled” during the highway travel running quietly, especially when compared to most other mud tires.

  • Price: $$$
  • Season: All-Season
  • Load Range: C (6 ply); D (8 ply); E (10 ply) – depending on the size
  • Best Uses: Looks extremely stylish and you can show off, plus is great for serious off-road and is reasonably comfortable and quiet for everyday highway drive.
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