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It is time to talk about one of the most popular tires from Samson's product lineup, the GL274A. This model is a great commercial tire developed to show performance in year-round hauling. Let's get to know it closer.

Firstly, the Samson GL274A uses a specialized rubber compound shaped into an optimized pattern. More exactly, this model benefits from closed shoulders and three continuous center ribs separated by wide and zigzag grooves. Due to its closed shoulders and four longitudinal grooves, the Samson GL274A provides optimal grip and traction on both wet and dry surfaces. Plus, these enhance overall safety and stability during steering maneuvers. Besides the role of water channeling, the Z-shaped grooves minimize the road noise and provide extra biting edges for powerful traction. A wide footprint with a unique profile ensures extra road stability, an aspect important when the vehicle is loaded. Balanced tread depth up to 19.5/32nds provides the ideal combination of traction, fuel economy, and service life.

In terms of durability and carrying capability, the Samson GL274A stays very well. Its reinforced structure with strong sidewalls supports heavy loads, offering confidence and safety at the same time. Finally, the Samson GL274A tire is developed in multiple sizes with rim diameters of 20" and 22.5". Depending on the tire sizes, the ply rating can be 14, 16, or 18, thus covering a wide range of applications. So, if you need a new set of versatile tires for your fleet, we recommend paying attention to GL274A. This product is really good.

Features and benefits

  • Affordable radial tire suitable for a wide range of commercial vehicles.
  • Special rubber compound resists uneven wear for extended tire lifespan.
  • Closed shoulder design delivers high road stability even in sharp turns.
  • Wide footprint with optimized pattern distributes uniform weight and provides increased comfort.
  • Four grooves with a "Z" design expel efficient water, slush, and snow for maximum road stability.
  • Tough sidewalls withstand heavy loads and road shocks for maximum tire integrity.
  • Covered by a great manufacturer warranty for customers' peace of mind.

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