Pirelli Scorpion Strada All Season

This tire is a touring, all-season tire built especially for sport utility vehicles to offer a long-lasting.

Due to an advanced tread design and a special all-season compound, the tire received the best year-round traction in all weather conditions. This model has a constant surface contact which boosts controllability, handling, and safety features. It provides lower rolling resistance which provides increased fuel efficiency with reduced CO2 emissions.

Using the latest technologies in the tire industry the Scorpion Strada All Season’ tread presents:

  • Reinforced shoulders and four longitudinal grooves-engineered for enhanced lateral stability and water dispersion to address potential aquaplaning situations.

  • Innovative materials and optimized pitch sequence designed to reduce fuel consumption and cabin noise.

  • Silica compound formulated for enhanced tread lifespan- tread depth is 11.5/32".

  • All-Season compound and asymmetric tread pattern -optimized lateral siping designed for improved wet and snow traction.

The Scorpion Strada All-Season is available in a wide range of sizes starting from 16 to 20-inch sizes backed by 65,000-mile limited treadwear warranty.

Features and benefits

  • All-season tread design.

  • Black sidewall.

  • Reinforced shoulders for better lateral stability.

  • Four longitudinal grooves-to reduce hydroplaning risk.

  • Extra durability-thanks high- tensile steel belt construction.

  • A large tire footprint- superior traction and high level of safety in wet conditions.