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Smart is a German automotive brand and a division of Daimler AG. It produces really small city cars, mainly the Fortwo and Forfour. An interesting fact about Smart is that the name is a combination between the cooperation of the Swiss company Swatch and Mercedes-Benz: "Swatch Mercedes ART".

In comparison with Fiat Panda, Ford Ka, Citroen c1, or Toyota Aygo, the Smart ForTwo only has two seats, which offer too little luggage space. However, it has a generous advantage: a good engine under the hood - a small 0.8-liter three-cylinder turbo diesel engine made by Mercedes. The latest generation of Fortwo comes to solve all troubles of previous generations. Smart has promised higher performance, a stronger gearbox, better handling, larger interior space, and more safety features. If you have a busy schedule and drive in a crowded city, then the most suitable tires for your Smart Fortwo would be any models from the following list: Sailun Atrezzo Eco, Jinyu Gallopro YH18, Continental Eco Contact 3.

The Smart Forfour has the same platform, rear-engine, rear-drive, but with four-seats. Smart is designed to make life easier, especially for parking. It standardly comes with climate control, cruise control, all-electric windows, Crosswind assist, Bluetooth, USB port. The new Smarts also come in four versions– Passion, Prime, Prime Sport, and Brabus Sport. The latest generations of Smart come with a new stylish design, in particular, the interior elements have been changed to give a more luxurious feel. The new 2020 Smart Forfour also received a new suspension system which makes the car easier to handle. Smart Forfour shows high performance when paired with Continental Eco Contact 5 and Kumho Ecsta KU39.

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Buying tires online can be a stressful process, but it really doesn't need to be. NeoTires offers a simple approach to finding the tires that are best for you and your Smart. Select your Smart vehicle below, then tell us a few more things such as year and trim level to determine your tie size. From there, we'll show you tires that fit your vehicle and are the best match based on performance characteristics, but you can also look for the best value tires, tires that are on sale or part of a promo, have the longest tread life and much more.

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