Best Tires Against Hydroplaning To Keep Under Your Radar

Best Tires Against Hydroplaning To Keep Under Your Radar

Let's admit that all drivers have a phobia of wet roads. This can be stronger or weaker. Either way, rainy weather always makes us more cautious because we know that water hinders our driving experience to a certain extent. Lucky are those who know how to choose the right tires for wet conditions. Indeed, tire makers pay special attention to the wet performance of their tires. However, not all tires perform the same in rainy conditions.

If you are looking for a strong ally in combating hydroplaning and controlling wet roads, then this article is for you. We have included here models for different vehicles so that you have a wider horizon of choice. So, welcome here if you need better stability on rainy days with optimal rain traction and zero hydroplaning risks.

Best Touring All-Season Tires for Rain

Continental TrueContact Tour

This touring tire behaves pretty decently in all its other areas. But the wet performance is definitely its most special asset.

The tire maker incorporated Silane additives into it. This component adds grip and resistance on the wet road. As such, water is not a problem at all for TrueContact Tour as it performs even better than other all-season options.

All the maneuvers you do on wet roads result in superb efficiency. These include quick acceleration, balanced cornering, and exceptionally short braking. Great handling and quick feedback are also included in the list of benefits.
As for the hydroplaning, my friend, you have nothing to worry about. It disperses the water agilely and dynamically before it forms a barrier between the tread and the road.

Its weak point is dry traction. This is more deficient compared to the wet one. But that's not what interests us in this article, is it? As for other aspects, you will have exceptional comfort and superb noise control.

Quick facts

Benefits include superb traction, handling, and feedback on the wet, guaranteed comfort and noise inhibition, and an impressive tread life warranty of up to 80,000 miles.
Disadvantages include moderate traction and braking in dry environments.

Best Grand-Touring All-Season Tires for Rain

Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack

I have only words of praise for this tire. This includes a multitude of technologies that make it superb in every area. However, let's talk about its performance in the wet.

The Turanza QuietTrack shows the best results in terms of wet performance. This refers to its agility on wet roads, and to the simplicity with which the driver coordinates it in its maneuvers. This is extremely responsive and there is no operation in which the tire would not excel.
The Turanza QuietTrack tire offers the feeling of absolute control on wet roads. No slipping while accelerating, no delaying while braking. Also, hydroplaning is not included in the plans for this tire. This cuts the water efficiently by expelling it in parts and establishing a grippy contact with the road.

In addition, this grand touring tire is also suitable for those who want a nice dry performance. It delivers dry efficiency better than the previous ContactTour, making it a bit more versatile.

Another bonus is its above-average ability to cope with light snow. It's somewhere close to CrossClimate 2, but it doesn't beat it. The icing on the cake is the superb noise inhibition and smooth abilities in rolling on most surfaces. Above all, it comes with an impressive 80,000-mile tread life warranty. Am I the only one who sees this tire as truly impressive?!

Quick facts

The benefits include quietness and comfort; it's a tire with superb wet braking and traction, decent confidence on light snow, superb durability, surprising dry traction, and grip.
Disadvantages include insufficient snow performance to match class-leading rivals and pricey.

Continental PureContact LS

This model comes with a very reliable year-round nature. Like the previous models, its ace up its sleeve is its strong essence in terms of wet performance. This can even be compared with alternatives in the premium class, accumulating even higher ratings. It's highly swift, responsive, and very secure in cornering.

Above all, I must highlight the properties of PureContact LS to combat hydroplaning. I don't mind calling it one of the best in this aspect.

Besides this benefit, the PureContact LS has a reliable profile in dry conditions. This stands out for its strong traction and superb lateral grip. Quick response and balanced handling are also descriptive characteristics of the PureContact LS tire.

As is specific for an all-season tire, it does not disappoint in light snow conditions. This again amazes with superb traction, quick steering feedback, and balanced cornering and handling. Acceleration and braking align with the same promising characteristics.

The price to pay? Its comfort. This leaves much to be desired in terms of noise control and ride smoothness. Although, this is compensated by its 70,000-mile warranty.

Quick facts

The benefits include phenomenal wet and hydroplaning control, exceptional traction and balanced handling, decent grip and sharp handling on wet roads, impressive treadwear warranty, efficient traction, and control over snowy roads.
The disadvantages include the above-average price and compromised comfort and quietness.

Best All-Weather Tires for Rain

Michelin CrossClimate 2

I'll start with the strongest asset of the Michelin CrossClimate 2 tire: its Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake standard. I think it is no longer necessary to praise its impressive abilities in the snow environment. While most all-season tires are somewhat mediocre in terms of snow performance, this CrossClimate 2 beats them all.

But let's talk about the wet performance, as this is what interests us the most. CrossClimate 2 tire is a reliable ally in rainy conditions. This repels water agile and dynamic and rolls confidently even when you push it a little harder. What makes it better than its predecessor is its shorter braking.

On the whole, the tire stands out for its surefooted handling and easy control. It responds strictly to inputs and is unlikely to perform evasive maneuvers. As such, stability and balance on wet roads are guaranteed.

In addition, CrossClimate 2 promises superior performance on dry tarmac. Its traction and grip remain effective, reminiscent of a summer tire. You won't have problems with acceleration and braking either, as these are also impressive.

If, however, the wet performance is not enough for you and you also want comfort, it is possible that the CrossClimate 2 will not satisfy you too much. Indeed, this is quite, no objection here. However, riding on bad pavement will leave you with a bitter taste. Also, the warranty is somewhat lower comparatively. We are talking here about a 60,000 tread life warranty.

Quick facts

The benefits include decent snow handling and nice grip and traction, impressive tire quietness for the category, superb snow braking, promising behavior on dry roads, and impressive performance on wet tarmac.
The disadvantages include the relatively high price, comparatively short warranty for the price, and poorer rough road comfort compared to other offerings.

Best Crossover/SUV All-Season Tires for Rain

Continental CrossContact LX25

This tire is superb for wet conditions. SUV and truck owners will appreciate its exceptional performance and anti-hydroplaning abilities. In addition, it has a very easy-to-drive nature both in linear driving and in cornering. If it seems a little to you, know that the CrossContact LX25 offers one of the shortest braking distances in the respective category.

When you put the tire to run on dry roads, it amazes with its agile acceleration and balanced handling. Braking is just as safe and short, maybe just a little longer than when on a wet road.

In addition, you will feel it very responsive and attentive to your inputs. But don't expect absolute comfort. Continental suppressed the noises in it at a superb level, but the comfort remained uncovered in this model.

Another plus of the CrossContact LX25 is its tread life warranty of up to 70,000 miles and its reliability on light snow. As long as the snow is thin, this tire will take you home safe and sound with a good sense of traction and braking. I tested a Continental Cross Contact LX25 235/55R17 99H which surpassed my expectations.

Quick facts

The benefits include ride quietness, phenomenal rain and hydroplaning control, spectacular tread life, up-to-the-mark behavior on dry surfaces, decent snow handling, and traction.
The disadvantages include the high price and lack of comfort on bad surfaces.

Best Performance All-Season Tires for Rain

Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus

UHP all-season tires stand out for better sticking to the road thanks to their special components. So, these are usually even more competitive in rainy conditions. As proof, take the ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus tire, which is the best-performing wet tire in its category.

The rain and water on the road are no obstacle for it. The tire delivers impressive traction and rolls as if the water didn't even exist. Braking is agile and short without much effort on the part of the driver. Acceleration does not require much fuss either, as it reacts dynamically when you press the speedup pedal just a little. The hydroplaning combat is superb. The ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus remains steady and balanced while pulling the road water aside.

The dry performance also stands out among a set of benefits. Its adhesive components make it roll grippy on the road while providing superb longitudinal traction. Comfort and noise control are also beyond expectations, as is the snow traction.

Compared to other tires in its class though, the ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus provides less responsiveness. It needs some time to process the tasks you give it. So you might feel a little poorer feedback with it.

Quick facts

Benefits include superb tread life warranty, phenomenal behavior on rainy roads and great hydroplaning control, steady and balanced handling on dry pavement, high comfort ratings, and above-average traction in light snow.
Disadvantages include inferior steering response compared to in-class rivals.

Best Performance Summer Tires for Rain

Continental ExtremeContact Sport

Here you have a close member of the previous ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus. This time it is about a summer offering that comes with very few shortcomings.
Let's start with the wet performance. This is phenomenal if not the best in class. The ExtremeContact Sport tire delivers superior braking and spectacular cornering grip. This makes it extremely controllable and balanced on wet roads.

Effective braking is also specific to dry roads, by the way. It loves the dry environment as it responds precisely and is agile as is natural for a racing tire. You won't have issues with the accelerations as it is very stable and stays tightly during different maneuvers.

What's even more surprising is that the ExtremeContact Sport offers impressive comfort for its category. It effectively swallows the bumps, leaving behind a pretty cushioning aftertaste. However, you will feel a slight noise in the cabin when you pass over them.

Quick facts

Benefits include superb control/handling/braking/hydroplaning properties on wet roads, best-in-class dry braking, great cornering grip, agile and precise response to steering, and much smoother than other performance rivals.
Disadvantages include noises that, unfortunately, are not sufficiently suppressed.

Best Winter Tires for Rain

Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

If we are to talk about the ultimate winter performance, then it should be about Bridgestone. Its latest model, the Blizzak WS90, amazes both experts and drivers with its snow, slush, and rain abilities.

This tire offers nice handling and pretty balanced behavior at the limit. Hydroplaning is not a big challenge for it, nor are roads with heavy snow. When winter brings snow and slush on the roads, this tire removes them madly through impressive traction and steering response. When braking, it responds immediately with an impressively short distance.

Want some more? This model is an alternative to even the best studdable tires because it offers superb handling and traction, including on ice.

The only flaw that you have to accept in it is the lack of smoothness and the presence of noise at speed. But this is compensated by the incredible traction it offers.

Quick facts

The benefits include the best braking properties in wet and snow weather, superb acceleration and traction in snow and rain, impressive in wet handling, more than good performance in dry conditions, and decent ice handling.
Disadvantages include harsh ride on various road imperfections and noise presence at low and high speeds.

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