Thunderer OA421

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When it comes to tackling the diverse challenges of mixed service applications, the Thunderer OA421 stands as a true champion. Designed and engineered to excel in a wide range of demanding environments, this tire combines durability, performance, and versatility like no other.

If you want to find out more about its structure, let's start with the outer part. An optimal tread depth of up to 22/32nds provides longevity by shielding the interior from damage. Combined with an advanced rubber compound that reduces friction between the tire and the road, it lowers fuel usage and prevents unnecessary spending. Four tread ribs grant excellent traction and grip, even in harsh conditions. Next, three zig zag grooves keep the footprint clean of ground elements, thus improving road contact and minimizing the risk of aquaplaning. Also, special stone ejector platforms prevent rocks from drilling into the rubber and damaging it.

In addition, the Thunderer OA421 benefits from closed shoulder ribs with notches that add extra lateral traction and combat irregular wear. Moreover, they make the vehicle more stable while cornering, allowing for safe and cozy working conditions. Robust sidewalls act as a shield against lateral damage, thus extending the tire's service life. A tough casing increases the load capacity to 9,920 lbs per single tire, depending on the size. Keep in mind that speed indexes of L and K as well as various ply ratings of up to 20 apply to these sizes to cover a large field of jobs. At last, the Thunderer OA421 is available in popular sizes from 16" up to 24.5" rim diameters.

Features and benefits

  • Durable tire designed for mixed service applications.
  • Innovative tread pattern provides excellent grip on various road types.
  • Deep grooves throw ground elements away from the footprint for more safety.
  • Special stone ejectors prevent rocks from drilling into the rubber.
  • Stiff sidewalls shield the tire from lateral damage to extend its lifespan.
  • Tough casing promotes many retread cycles and upgrades the load capacity.

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