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Thunderer is a well known tire manufacturer that has a great history in the US market. Their large lineup of products has satisfied plenty of customers in many areas of applications - commercial or personal. For instance, the RD401 is a model designed to fit all axle positions of the truck, offering versatility and peace of mind. Moreover, it can handle both regional and long haul jobs easily.

Let's talk about the tire's construction and its benefits. Firstly, it has a five rib tread pattern that combines traction and stability, offering a nice and safe journey. Next, four deep linear grooves reduce the risk of aquaplaning by dispersing water from below the footprint. This drastically improves wet performance, allowing the driver to keep full control of the vehicle at all times. Three main ribs boost the handling precision, offering smoother cornering ability. Also, the closed shoulders combat irregular wear and deliver more balance at high speeds.

With such a structure, the Thunderer RD401 can safely achieve a maximum speed of 81 mph, depending on the size. In addition, a tough internal casing provides resistance against punctures, thus promoting multiple retread cycles. It also upgrades the load carrying capacity, supporting weights of up to 8,250 lbs per single tire. Moreover, the advanced rubber compound lowers the rolling resistance, leading to reduced fuel usage and less time spent at the pumps. Stiff sidewalls protect the interior from lateral damage, extending the service life. At last, the Thunderer RD401 is available on the US market in many common truck sizes from 17.5" up to 22.5" rim diameters.

Features and benefits

  • Premium all position tire recommended for regional and long haul applications.
  • Deep linear grooves disperse water from the tread area for more safety.
  • Stiff sidewalls shield the interior from road hazards to increase the service life.
  • Optimized sipe pattern provides excellent traction and grip on dry or wet roads.
  • Closed shoulder design promotes regular wear and offers vehicle stability while steering.
  • Solid internal build handles load pressure with ease and efficiency.

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