Thunderer RA402

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Are you tired of compromising on your truck's performance and safety when it comes to finding the perfect tire? Look no further, the Thunderer RA402 is here to upgrade your driving experience. This all position tire is designed for medium duty trucks in urban applications and has excellent handling ability.

First of all, the Thunderer RA402 comes with a special tread pattern to maximize traction and surface contact. Specifically, five well placed ribs bite the road with ease and fuel efficiency, resulting in a smooth and safe journey. A 16 ply all steel casing provides increased durability and service life, thus minimizing maintenance costs. This also prevents punctures from dealing damage, offering more retread cycles. Deep grooves expel water from the patch area, reducing the risk of aquaplaning or losing control on wet surfaces. Moreover, the special groove design combats stone retention for longer tread life.

In addition to that, the closed shoulders promote regular wear and offer better stability when steering. The Thunderer RA402 features stiff sidewalls that shield the tire from lateral damage. They also fight off forces that appear at high speed or in curves, allowing for more precision when cornering. Besides, the rational sipe distribution adds plenty of extra biting edges that increase traction, shorten the braking distances and boost the acceleration ability. At last, the solid internal build allows for a maximum load of 5,675 lbs per single tire, depending on the size. This model is available on the US market in some popular sizes, these being 9.5R17.5, 7.5R16LT, and 8.25R16LT.

Features and benefits

  • Trusty all position tire designed for medium duty trucks.
  • Stiff sidewalls offer protection from lateral impacts.
  • Modern closed shoulder design promotes regular wear and boosts stability.
  • Deep grooves enhance wet performance by throwing water away from the tread area.
  • Optimized sipe placement adds extra biting edges that improve traction.
  • Solid internal casing upgrades the load capacity and promotes more retreads.

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