Tire News: Latest Tire Releases 2023

Tire News: Latest Tire Releases 2023

The tire industry is constantly developing. Tire makers make every effort to push the boundaries. As such, each of them focuses on developing new models that bring benefits and advantages superior to previous models. In this article, we will discuss some tire market news. We will discover together which new models have appeared in the catalogs of reputable tire makers and what makes them stand out.

Toyo Presents Its New EV All-Terrain Tire

If you know anything about Toyo tires, the Open Country A/T III line certainly sounds familiar to you. Toyo recently added a new member to this line. It is about the new Open Country A/T III EV intended for electric vehicles that explore all kinds of surfaces. Toyo wanted to be in step with the growing trends towards electric vehicles in recent years. So, the new release promises to be a good option for the SUV and Truck segment with electric specifics.

Unlike the traditional Open Country A/T III tires, the EV version is completely adapted to the specifics of the vehicles in question. This means that the new Open Country A/T III EV is ready to face EVs' instant torque. In addition, the tire is prepared to withstand the generous load of EVs as well as their more agile performance.

The tire maker promises that the new Open Country A/T III EV A/T will exceed the expectations of those who drive on and off-road. Toyo has prioritized comfort and superior handling in this new model. In addition, it has the 3PMSF symbol, which makes it viable even in severe winter conditions.

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Open Country A/T III EV Key Features

The new tire model stands out for its aerodynamic features. More precisely, it has the AeroWing technology that controls wind dragging. In addition, the new tire contains an advanced formula that significantly reduces rolling resistance, as befits an EV tire.

Toyo plans to produce this model in various sizes and load combinations. This means a range of diameters between 18'' and 24". The LT size line is expected to be available in February 2024.

Bridgestone Goes Fully EV-Ready

The majority of tire manufacturers are massively oriented towards the production of EV tire models. Bridgestone is no exception in this regard. Thus, the tire maker recently confirmed that it is moving to full production of tires compatible with electric vehicles.

This means that all the tires that will follow will have a compatible profile for both ordinary and electric cars. This is possible through the Enliten technology platform that will help the brand adjust the tires to meet both vehicle types. In the following tires, Bridgestone will draw increased attention to ensure that the tires have a more reasonable fuel consumption, better withstand the battery cargo, as well as cope with the specific EV torque.

According to statistics, 40% of vehicles will be EV-oriented by 2028. It seems that Bridgestone is fully preparing to meet the increasing demand for EV tires along with the increase in demand for electric vehicles. For now, Bridgestone already has several models adapted to EV specifics. These refer to the Turanza All Season 6 and Turanza 6 lines, which are fully EV-ready.


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Apollo Gets Summer-Ready with a New UHP Summer Tire

The new Vredestein UHP tire will be available in spring 2024. Meanwhile, Apollo is developing strategies to optimize the handling capabilities and superior comfort of the new model. It is important to mention that Apollo has not launched UHP summer tires since 2012. So, the announcement of this new UHP comeback generates curiosity and buzz among performance lovers.

Turns out that Apollo decided to invest heavily in its Research and Development department. The latter relies on virtual prototyping and digital simulations to build the new tire as viable and capable as possible. At the moment, the new member under the name Vredestein Ultrac Pro is in its last phase of real-world testing.

The tire maker will make available the new model in a wide variety of sizes from 18 to 24". This line promises to be a suitable ally for vehicles with a sporty nature including supercars, high-performance SUVs, and other types of sports vehicles.

The new tire promises to debut with an advanced formula and an innovative geometry. In addition, the tire maker has composed new materials to guarantee low rolling resistance and heat resistance. As such, Vredestein expects to become a good option for the UHP summer tires segment in the context in which until now, it mainly has been focusing on the all-season line.

We are keeping an eye on this new tire and will return with details as soon as the Vredestein Ultrac Pro is available on the market. According to the tire maker, this will probably hit in the first quarter of the upcoming year.


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Falken Proposes New Winter Tire Ranges

While Apollo prepares for summer, Falken has already prepared for winter. This tire maker has expanded its range of seasonal tires with several new models. It is about Eurowinter HS02 and Eutowinter HS02 Pro, as well as the EuroAll Season AS220 Pro model.

The Eurowinter series proposes a series of technical features that work to enhance all-weather performance. The HS02 model has a directional geometry while the Pro version comes with an asymmetrical architecture for a more dynamic performance in wet conditions.

In the same sense, the new member Euroall Season AS220 Pro comes to meet the highest standards of performance vehicles. In this sense, the structure of the tire is well thought out to prevent deformation of the tread as well as to improve the resilience of centrifugal forces. As a result, the new Euroall Season AS220 Pro promises better contact with the road surface and more confident control at high speeds. At the same time, the tire shows exceptional results in terms of agile braking and balanced handling at high speed.

The Eurowinter HS02 series comes with a T/H or V speed index, depending on the diameter, which speaks of its agility up to a speed of 240 km. On the other hand, the Pro version is approved for speeds up to 270 km/h available in H/V/W speed ratings.

Ultimately, the Euroall Season AS220 Pro withstands the stress well at the same speed as the HS02 Pro, i.e. up to 270 km/h.

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