Titan CH 150 E-4/L-4

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In the world of mining, it's the tires that keep progress rolling. For the best results, choose Titan. The CH 150 E-4/L-4 is an extra durable tire designed to handle challenging conditions and immense loads. Featuring a special tread design coupled with a robust build, this model ensures high productivity and success.

Firstly, the Titan CH 150 E-4/L-4 comes with a non directional tread pattern that offers superb traction and surface contact. Moreover, the tough rubber compound withstands damage from rocks and other hazards, thus extending the service life of the tire as much as possible. A tread depth of 66/32 further raises durability and resistance to deep cuts or punctures. Besides, the solid centerline offers a smooth ride for maximum operator comfort on the harshest terrains. Deep grooves at the shoulder section add extra lateral grip and boost the self cleaning ability for more safety. Also, this design boosts handling accuracy and cornering stability.

What's more, the Titan CH 150 E-4/L-4 features rugged sidewalls that shield the rim from side impacts to avoid costly downtimes. In addition, they elevate the maximum load capacity, allowing a single tire to withstand up to 37,500 lbs, depending on the size. A tubeless structure holds a tight fit of the rim to prevent air leaks and pressure loss that could lead to unproductive time. On top of that, the robust internal build resists immense load stress and deep penetrations, therefore promoting maximum durability. Lastly, this model is available on the US market in limited sizes with a rim diameter of 25".

Features and benefits

  • Premium industrial tire designed for tough mining jobs.
  • Non directional tread pattern with a solid centerline offers excellent traction and operator comfort.
  • Deep lateral grooves boost the self cleaning ability and grant better grip.
  • Durable rubber compound resists chip, cut, and tear damage to promote longevity.
  • Reinforced sidewalls upgrade the maximum load capacity and shield the rim from impacts.
  • Tough internal construction resists deep penetrations to avoid costly downtimes.

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