Titan CM 150 E-4/L-4

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Titan is all about quality, and their mining lineup certainly doesn't lack it. For example, the Titan CM 150 is a strong industrial tire designed for mining jobs demanding extreme durability and immense load capacity. Thanks to its features and optimized build, this tire gets in front of all its competitors.

Starting off, the Titan CM 150 comes with an aggressive tread pattern that offers the best traction and surface contact. The non directional design provides superior resistance to rock damage, leading to a longer tread life. Next, the centerline delivers a smooth ride and better operator comfort by absorbing shocks. Deep lateral channels add extra grip to boost performance while raising the self cleaning ability for more safety. Robust sidewalls shield the rim from side impacts that could lead to abrasions and chips. They also upgrade the maximum load capacity, so a single tire can safely carry up to 78,500 lbs, depending on the size.

In addition, the deep tread of the Titan CM 150 further lifts its durability against deep cuts and punctures. This model features a special Aralon Cut Resistant Breaker build that enhances strength without giving up heat resistance. Besides, a new rubber compound minimizes wear and tear after long work hours to promote longevity. Its tubeless structure secures a safe fit of the rim to prevent air leaks and keep productivity as high as possible. At last, this tire is available on the US market in many popular sizes with rim diameters of 33" and 35".

Features and benefits

  • High quality industrial tire designed for intense mining tasks.
  • Deep non directional tread grants the best traction and damage resistance.
  • Special Aralon Cut Resistant Breaker construction combats heat buildup without sacrificing strength.
  • Large lateral channels boost the self cleaning ability and add extra grip in harsh conditions.
  • Solid internal casing resists deep cuts and punctures for maximum durability.
  • Tough sidewalls shield the rim from side impacts and raise the load capacity.

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