Titan LCM E-3/L-3

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The value of a mining operation is only as good as the tires that support it. For maximum productivity and results, we recommend the Titan LCM E-3/L-3 a durable industrial tire designed to withstand the harshest mining jobs. Thanks to its special tread pattern and rugged construction, this model is a solid companion for success.

First of all, the Titan LCM E-3/L-3 comes with a directional tread design that offers excellent traction and surface contact. The large blocks bite into the ground with confidence, smoothly propelling the vehicle forward, even under load stress. Moreover, the compact footprint design improves its resistance to wear and tear, leading to a longer service life and less maintenance. In addition, this pattern is marked as "Value Engineered" meaning that it provides longer wear on asphalt and concrete. Special tie bars connect the blocks together to prevent deformation under immense load pressure, therefore upgrading the tire's capacity.

Hence, a single tire can safely withstand up to 45,400 lbs, depending on the size, making it ideal for heavy duty operations. A tread depth of up to 43/32nds boosts its resistance to deep cuts, chips, and chunking, thus avoiding needless downtimes. Deep grooves expel ground elements from the footprint, reducing the risks of slipping or clogging. What's more, the robust sidewalls shield the rim from lateral impacts that would result in abrasions or punctures. An advanced rubber compound minimizes wear and tear while providing excellent heat dissipation. This model is available in both tubeless and tube type options to suit a wider range of demands. At last, the Titan LCM E-3/L-3 is accessible on the US market in popular sizes such as 14.00-24 and 21.00-25.

Features and benefits

  • Premium industrial tire designed for harsh mining operations.
  • Directional tread design marked as "Value Engineered" offers excellent traction on concrete and asphalt.
  • Deep grooves throw water, mud, sand, and debris away from the footprint to prevent clogging.
  • Advanced rubber compound minimizes wear and combats heat buildup.
  • Robust sidewalls shield the rim from lateral damage and upgrade the maximum load capacity.

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