Titan LD 250 7X7 BELTED L-5

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Neglecting tires in heavy duty operations is akin to ignoring the very backbone of the industry. That's why it is very important to choose the right set of high quality tires for specific jobs to maximize their efficiency and power. We present the Titan LD 250 7x7 Belted L-5 - a very strong model engineered for harsh industrial jobs that demand strength and durability.

Firstly, the Titan LD 250 7x7 Belted L-5 comes with a unique footprint that offers confident surface contact and traction. The continuous center rib boosts the handling accuracy to make it easier and smoother for drivers to maneuver the vehicle. Next, aggressive shoulder blocks provide lateral grip, propelling the machine forward with maximum efficiency. Moreover, the deep grooves enhance the self cleaning ability of the tire by throwing mud, debris, and sand away from the patch. Thanks to this, the risk of slipping or clogging is reduced and the work habitat becomes safer.

What's more, the advanced rubber compound of the Titan LD 250 7x7 Belted L-5 resists wear and tear, ensuring a long tread life without issues. The optimized tread depth provides better resistance against rock damage, thus offering maximum durability. Also, the special internal casing with a 7x7 steel belted build raises protection against punctures and deep cuts. It also upgrades the load capacity, allowing a single tire to carry extreme weights of up to 110,000 lbs, depending on the size. Above that, this model is available on the US market in sizes ranging from 33" to 45" rim diameters.

Features and benefits

  • Heavy duty tire designed for machinery that operates in harsh industrial settings.
  • Innovative tread pattern grants excellent surface contact and traction.
  • Advanced rubber compound resists wear and tear to maximize service life.
  • Deep grooves boost the self cleaning ability for more safety in loose conditions.
  • Special 7x7 steel belted structure offers increased resistance to deep cuts and punctures.
  • Robust sidewalls shield the rim from damage and upgrade the load capacity.

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