Titan LD 250 CRB L-5

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Goodyear always implements the latest technologies into their products, helping millions of workers and drivers around the world. For example, the Titan LD 250 CRB L-5 is a heavy duty industrial tire designed for loaders and other machinery that operates in harsh conditions.

Primarily, the Titan LD 250 CRB L-5 features a unique Aralon Cut Resistant Breaker build that dramatically increases its durability against damage. Moreover, this technology upgrades the tire's heat resistance and maximum load capacity, making it suitable for challenging operations. Next, the stiff sidewalls provide protection against side impacts and punctures. With such a powerful construction, a single tire can safely carry up to 38,600 lbs, depending on the size. A tubeless structure secures a tight fit of the rim to combat pressure loss and air leaks, keeping you rolling even after long work hours. Besides, the deep tread raises resistance to cuts and tears, thus extending the service life.

Secondly, the Titan LD 250 CRB L-5 has a lugged tread pattern that delivers the best traction and grip on various terrains. The high void ratio keeps the patch clean of ground parts to lower the risk of slipping on loose surfaces. Also, a special center bar connects the blocks together to prevent deformation under load stress. Its advanced rubber compound has high durability against damage caused by rocks or other sharp objects often scattered around building sites. Finally, this model is available on the US market in well known sizes such as 20.5-25, 23.5-25, and more.

Features and benefits

  • Premium industrial tire designed to handle heavy duty applications.
  • High void ratio keeps the footprint clean of ground parts for more safety.
  • Durable rubber compound resists chips and cuts to extend the service life.
  • Special center bar connects the lugs together to prevent deformation under weight stress.
  • Optimized Aralon Cut Resistant Breaker build boosts strength and durability.
  • Robust sidewalls upgrade the load capacity and shield the rim from side damage.

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