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Tires are not just accessories, they're the critical thing that keeps your vehicle moving all the time. Investing in high quality tires is a must, especially for heavy duty industrial jobs where safety and durability are paramount. In particular, the Titan Loader Grader is a great choice if you are looking for a strong tire that can easily handle loader and grader applications.

Firstly, the Titan Loader Grader has interlocking blocks that offer the best stability and traction in various conditions. The overlap design at the center raises steering accuracy and balance, allowing for easy and responsive control of the vehicle. Besides, the angled lug shape creates lots of biting edges that elevate grip and efficiency on hard and soft ground. Its open shoulders offer additional traction when taking sharp turns, keeping you stable at all times. The high void ratio boosts the self cleaning ability to reduce the risk of skidding and minimize uneven wear.

Secondly, the new rubber compound of the Titan Loader Grader lowers the rolling resistance to enhance fuel efficiency. It also resists wear and tear, leading to a long service life without issues. Thanks to the reinforced sidewalls that protect the rim, this tire can ensure productive work with no downtime. They also upgrade the maximum load capacity, allowing a single tire to carry up to 14,800 lbs. A tubeless build promotes high flotation and holds a tight rim fit to avoid air leaks. Besides, the optimal ply rating of 12 improves durability against spikes and deep cuts. Lastly, this model is available on the US market in limited sizes with rim diameters of 24" and 25". Note that this tire is also accessible in another option called the Loader Grader III to suit a wider range of demands.

Features and benefits

  • Trusty industrial tire crafted to handle heavy duty jobs.
  • High void ratio boosts the self cleaning ability to reduce the risk of slipping or clogging.
  • Interlocking center lugs provide the best traction and surface grip.
  • Wide open shoulders increase stability when taking sharp turns.
  • New rubber materials promote resistance to wear and tear for a long service life.
  • Tough sidewalls offer rim protection against side impacts while upgrading the load capacity.

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