Titan ND SUPER LCM E-4/L-4

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When it comes to mining, the right tires can mean the difference between progress and stagnation. With a tire like the Titan ND Super LCM E-4/L-4, you can never go wrong. This durable industrial model is designed to withstand harsh mining operations, providing the necessary performance and resilience for success.

First of all, the Titan ND Super LCM E-4/L-4 comes with a non directional tread pattern that grants superb traction and surface contact. Specifically, the large blocks bite into the ground with ease, smoothly propelling the vehicle forward. Moreover, a special center riding rib connects the lugs together to enhance stability and reduce the risk of deformation under stress. Also, deep grooves expel mud, sand, debris, and water from the footprint to combat clogging and slipping in harsh conditions. The aggressive open shoulder design adds extra biting edges to improve the steering accuracy and overall balance of the vehicle.

What's more, the advanced rubber compound of the Titan ND Super LCM E-4/L-4 resists deep cuts and punctures, ensuring a longer service life without issues. Besides, the increased tread depth further enhances the resistance to rock damage, minimizing the risk of downtime. The durable sidewalls protect the rim from side impacts that could cause abrasions. In addition, they upgrade the maximum load capacity, allowing a single tire to withstand up to 37,500 lbs, depending on the size. A tubeless build holds a secure rim fit to prevent pressure loss via air leaks and keep productivity high at all times. Finally, this model is accessible on the US market in popular sizes such as 18.00-25.

Features and benefits

  • Trusty industrial tire crafted for challenging mining operations.
  • Durable sidewalls upgrade the maximum load capacity and shield the rim from damage.
  • New rubber compound resists deep cuts and punctures to extend the service life.
  • Deep grooves boost the self cleaning ability to reduce the risk of losing control.
  • Non directional tread pattern with a center riding rib offers excellent traction and stability.

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