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In the mining industry, tires are the foundation of productivity. Choose high load capacity and durability with the Titan Quarry Special CM 150 E-4/L-4- a trusty industrial tire designed for the best results. By featuring the latest technologies coupled with a modern design, this model will make your job much safer and easier.

Firstly, the Titan Quarry Special CM 150 E-4/L-4 has an aggressive tread pattern that offers the best traction and surface contact. Deep lugs bite into the surface with confidence, propelling the vehicle forward under immense load stress. Next, the special center riding rib absorbs vibrations and grants a smoother ride, enhancing operator comfort. Moreover, large shoulder grooves boost the self cleaning ability by throwing ground parts away from the patch. This increases safety and reduces the risks of slipping or clogging. In addition, the durable sidewalls provide rim protection and upgrade the load capacity, making this model suitable for heavy duty jobs.

Thanks to its robust internal structure, a single tire can carry up to 156,500 lbs, depending on the size. A high tread depth minimizes wear and tear by reducing the impact of deep cuts, thus keeping you rolling for longer. What's more, the Titan Quarry Special CM 150 E-4/L-4 features a "Value Engineered" tread compound designed for the best resistance to rock damage. Besides, the special Aralon Cut Resistant Breaker build upgrades strength and combats heat buildup after long work hours. A tubeless structure secures a tight rim fit to prevent downtimes due to unexpected air leaks. At last, this model is available on the US market in a wide range of sizes from 33" up to 51" rim diameters.

Features and benefits

  • Extra durable industrial tire designed to handle heavy duty mining operations.
  • Special Aralon Cut Resistant Breaker build enhances strength and combats heat buildup.
  • Deep grooves throw water, mud, sand, and debris away from the footprint for maximum safety.
  • Innovative center riding rib absorbs vibrations and grants stability when steering.
  • Resilient sidewalls upgrade the maximum load capacity and shield the rim from damage.

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