Titan SL 100 E-3/L-3

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In the relentless world of mining operations, where colossal loads are hauled over rugged terrains, the choice of tires becomes the key to success. With this in mind, we present the Titan SL 100 E-3/L-3, which is a durable model designed with resilient materials and an innovative pattern.

First of all, the Titan SL 100 E-3/L-3 has a very aggressive tread design that ensures superior grip and traction in harsh conditions. Deep lugs not only upgrade durability but also stability on loose terrains, making it easier and safer to transport heavy loads. Next, the large grooves upgrade the self cleaning ability, resulting in less irregular wear and more control over the vehicle. Moreover, interlocking channels add more grip in harsh weather conditions, so you can finish your task successfully. The open shoulders offer lateral balance when maneuvering, resulting in more responsive control. Besides, the special center riding rib absorbs shocks to elevate operator comfort and give a smoother ride.

In addition, the Titan SL 100 E-3/L-3 features robust sidewalls that upgrade the maximum load capacity and protect the rim from side impacts. Thanks to that, a single tire can carry up to 56,800 lbs, depending on the size. Its tubeless structure holds a tight rim fit to prevent air leaks and unwanted downtime. This model benefits from an Aralon Cut Resistant Breaker (CRB) construction that combats heat buildup after long work hours. It also enhances strength and durability under massive load stress. A tough rubber compound resists wear and tear, especially from rock damage, leading to a longer service life without problems. Lastly, this tire is available on the US market in popular sizes, some of them being 33.25-29 and 37.25-35.

Features and benefits

  • Premium industrial tire crafted for demanding mining jobs.
  • Special Aralon Cut Resistant Breaker build combats heat buildup and increases durability.
  • Robust sidewalls protect the rim from side damage and upgrade the maximum load capacity.
  • New rubber compound minimizes wear and tear for a longer service life.
  • Deep grooves and blocks offer great traction and self cleaning.

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