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Tires are not just rubber and steel, they are important pieces of equipment that shape the world as we know it today. For example, the Titan Super Sand Flotation E-7 is a unique model designed for various paving jobs that require high durability and flotation.

Starting off, the Titan Super Sand Flotation E-7 is available in two options with different tread patterns. They both feature a ribbed design, offering the best traction and steering accuracy. Moreover, the closed shoulders promote regular wear and improve stability when maneuvering the vehicle. A wider footprint evenly spreads load stress on the surface, thus upgrading the maximum weight capacity of the tire. Next, the robust sidewalls protect the rim from lateral impacts, thus avoiding costly downtimes and repairs. A shallow patch depth raises the ability to combat heat buildup, keeping the tire cool after long work hours. Also, the special shoulder channels add extra grip in harsh conditions for maximum performance.

What's more, the "Tread A" version of the Titan Super Sand Flotation E-7 has six linear grooves with notches that provide additional biting points. They also boost the self cleaning ability by throwing water, sand, and debris away from the patch. Besides, the side part of the shoulder differs by having a more detailed look than the other. Next, the "Tread B" version has a smoother appearance without groove notches, prioritizing load capacity instead. Finally, as its name suggests, this tire offers superb flotation thanks to its optimized build and design. It is available on the US market in limited sizes with rim diameters of 24" and 25".

Features and benefits

  • Dependable industrial tire engineered for paving operations.
  • Shallow tread depth combats heat buildup after long work hours.
  • Modern ribbed pattern grants great stability and traction.
  • Detailed closed shoulders add extra grip and promote even wear.
  • Rounded sidewalls shield the rim from side impacts to avoid damage.
  • Available in two different tread options for more versatility.

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