Titan TGD2 E-2/L-2

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In the pursuit of productivity, industrial tires are the ultimate partners. For example, the Titan TGD2 E-2/L-2 is a strong off the road (OTR) tire designed for a wide range of tasks that demand durability and performance. Let us get to know what makes this model the resistant and strong beast that it is.

First of all, the steel belted construction of the Titan TGD2 E-2/L-2 upgrades its toughness against deep cuts and punctures from objects scattered around the work site. This combines with the advanced rubber compound that minimizes wear and tear to extend the tire's service life to its maximum capability. Moreover, the center rib helps to absorb surface vibrations and shocks, thus boosting operator comfort and making it cozier to work. Next, the robust sidewalls offer protection against lateral abrasions while upgrading the maximum load capacity of the tire. Hence, it can support up to 16,100 lbs, making this model suitable for heavy duty jobs that require serious durability.

In addition, the Titan TGD2 E-2/L-2 features a directional tread design that grants excellent traction and surface grip. The open shoulders add extra stability when steering or cornering, keeping you safe and in control, especially under load stress. A high void ratio enhances the self cleaning ability by throwing sand, mud, and debris away from the footprint. This reduces the risks of clogging or slipping on loose terrain while also minimizing irregular wear. Besides, a tubeless build holds a tight rim fit to prevent air leaks and costly downtimes. Lastly, this model is available on the US market in a single size, this being 20.5R25.

Features and benefits

  • Trusty industrial OTR tire designed for heavy duty operations.
  • Directional tread pattern ensures the best traction and surface grip.
  • High void ratio keeps the footprint clean by throwing ground parts away.
  • Advanced rubber materials minimize wear and tear without giving up fuel efficiency.
  • Special center rib absorbs vibrations and shocks to boost operator comfort.
  • Steel belted build increases resistance to deep cuts and punctures.

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