Titan TGL2 G-2/L-2

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Your search for a great industrial tire comes to an end because the Titan TGL2 G-2/L-2 is here. This powerful skid steer tire provides excellent performance in a wide variety of settings. Thanks to its modern design and durable build, work has never been more productive and comfortable.

Primarily, the Titan TGL2 G-2/L-2 has a non directional tread pattern with blocks that offer superb surface grip and traction. The broad lugs resist wear and tear, providing a long service life with little maintenance. Moreover, the interlocking grooves expel water, debris, and mud from the footprint to reduce the risk of clogging or slipping. This makes it easier to control the loader in harsh conditions while also minimizing the amount of uneven wear that the tire suffers. Next, the open shoulders grant lateral traction by creating extra biting points, thus upgrading the cornering stability. Besides, durable sidewalls shield the rim from side impacts, avoiding costly downtimes.

On top of that, the steel belted structure of the Titan TGL2 G-2/L-2 grants better resistance to deep cuts and punctures. It also elevates the maximum load capacity, allowing a single tire to safely handle up to 8,050 lbs. The optimized tread depth further enhances the tire's durability, ensuring longer tread life, even after long work hours. An advanced rubber compound boosts fuel efficiency by lowering the rolling resistance. In addition, it absorbs surface vibrations, thus raising operator comfort and creating a cozy work habitat. Finally, this model is available on the US market in limited sizes with a rim diameter of 25".

Features and benefits

  • Premium industrial OTR tire crafted for skid steer loaders.
  • Optimized tread depth allows for safe operations in a variety of harsh conditions.
  • Non directional block design improves traction and surface grip.
  • High void ratio keeps the patch clean of debris, mud, and water for maximum safety.
  • Durable rubber compound lowers the rolling resistance to cut fuel usage.
  • Rugged sidewalls shield the rim from side impacts and upgrade the load capacity.

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