ATTURO Trail Blade ‌MTS‌

Atturo Trail Blade MTS

This model is an affordable off-road tire built especially for light trucks, SUVs, and other off-road vehicles to provide superb performance in terms of traction, and grip in severe applications. It is designed as an extension of the well-known M/T model, to add extra mileage, durability, traction and road grip offering true off-road capability.

The Trail Blade MTS comes with an extra durable tread compound molded into a four-lug tread pattern that presents independent tread blocks with aggressive shoulders engineered to ensure powerful traction in severe off-road conditions like mud, dirt, snow, or sand. Quad-center tread blocks increase the biting edges adherence, but also reduce the on/off road noise. Due to the aggressive tread elements integrated into sidewall, this tire feels at home in all off-road environments guaranteeing additional lateral biting edges. The engineers use the latest technologies to design a 12-ply internal construction on many sizes, thus increasing the load capacities in severe off-road applications, adding more durability and strength in off-road environments, promoting extra protection from sharp debris and rocks.

For safety reasons, this model presents stone ejector platforms developed to reduce the stone drilling and retention, keeping channels clear for more contact with surface. Revolutionary groove geometry with angled lateral and longitudinal grooves delivers incredible self-cleaning characteristics, but also promoting high traction performance. The MTS stands out with its special sidewalls that include a tread block modeled after Quartermaster’s QTR-5 karambit knife.

Atturo Trail Blade MTS is produced in a wide range of sizes starting from 18 to 24-inch sizes, with Q,and S-speed ratings. The tire is available in standard, but also in LT-version.

Features and benefits

  • Aggressive off-road light truck tire.

  • Designed for severe applications.

  • Durable 12-ply construction increases carrying capacity and inflation pressure.

  • Self-cleaning characteristics, due to special groove geometry that minimizes the road noise and vibrations at the same time.

  • Large shoulders promote powerful grip and improved mud and snow perfomance.

  • Extra durable internal construction improves carrying characteristics and manage the road hazards as sharp rocks.

  • Optimized footprint allows better weight distribution for uniform wear and more contact

  • patch for road grip.

  • The LT versions are available with puncture resistant tread.