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You should know that Triangle is one of the most trusty tire manufacturers when it comes to commercial use. Not only are they affordable, but high quality as well. In particular, the TR688 is a drive position tire that fits a wider range of applications such as regional and mixed services. By using the latest features, Triangle is able to provide companies with fuel efficient equipment.

Primarily, the TR688 benefits from a special lugged tread pattern that enhances traction and road grip. Specifically, the central rib boosts directional control and allows it to perform well under load pressure, supporting up to 9,090 lbs per single wheel. Also, the innovative open shoulder design improves lateral traction and minimizes rolling resistance, thus optimizing fuel usage. Moreover, the unique tie bars between the shoulder lugs lower the block movement to fight off rubber deformation. Additionally, the advanced rubber formula resists cuts and chips for more toughness and better mileage. The TR688 takes advantage of stiff sidewalls that improve the cornering ability and shield the inner part from damage. The smart siping distribution adds extra biting edges for better vehicle stability and surface contact. Besides that, a durable internal build promotes more retread cycles along with long tire life.

Above that, Triangle released this model on the US market in some popular sizes like 11R22.5, 295/75R22.5, 315/80R22.5 and 11R24.5. A wide range of ply ratings come with these sizes as well as speed indexes of M and L.

Features and benefits

  • Premium drive position tire designed for many commercial applications.
  • Superb open shoulder design with tie bars for enhanced traction and durability.
  • Special rubber compound lowers the rolling resistance for optimal fuel usage.
  • Unique lugged tread pattern boosts surface grip and directional control.
  • Strong sidewalls shield the interior from damage, promoting more retread cycles.
  • Optimized sipe placement adds more biting edges for better handling.

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