Ultimate Tire Guide For Your Audi RS7

Ultimate Tire Guide For Your Audi RS7

I admit: I've never had this car, but I love its beastly nature. This car has been on my radar for a long time and I hope the day will come when I will become its owner. In the meantime, I evaluated various tires for this vehicle because such a mechanical force needs the right tires. The variety of tires is huge in the market. But this does not mean that any model would be suitable for this vehicle. However, I took my time to analyze the best tire offers that would fit the Audi RS7 like a glove. If you are looking for a suitable set and the process seems difficult, I can help you with that. Below I will list some models that meet the performance standards of this vehicle.

In order not to keep you in suspense for too long, know that you will find offers from reputable brands in this article such as Bridgestone, Continental, and Michelin. More than that, Neotires experts have undertaken the testing of various models. So, the data below are like a conclusion of the tests we did with the tires of these brands. Read on to find out which tires performed best in different conditions. Who knows? Maybe you can find the right tire right here.

How To Choose The Best Tires For An Audi RS7

It is not enough just to know reputable brands to choose the right tire. Rather, you must take into account certain criteria before buying. These criteria will help you identify the right tire more easily.
First of all, start by determining how often you will drive your Audi RS7 and under what conditions. If you plan to use the vehicle most often for summer adventures, then you should focus mostly on performance tires. If, on the other hand, you plan to use the car year-round, then you should focus on all-season, winter, or all-weather tires.

Second, think long-term. You have to ask yourself if you want tires that are as durable as possible or if resistance in time is not a very important criterion. Maybe you plan to sell your car soon, so tires with a more modest tread warranty could be an option. If, on the other hand, you want something reliable without risks of early tread wear, then you will look for tires with more advanced resistance technologies.

Road And Weather Conditions

Last but not least, you must consider the time of the area where you plan to drive with your Audi RS7. If it is mainly wet with heavy rains, you need tires with superb wet braking properties. In the same way, the tires must deal with hydroplaning decently. Alternatively, you could need tires that perform better in dry conditions, if they characterize the area where you mostly drive.

Also, try to understand the difference between all-season/all-weather/winter tires. This will make you choose the right tires for the conditions in which you drive. If the winters are difficult, an all-season tire will not help you much, even if this is meant for Mud and Snow purposes. So, the better you determine the conditions in which you live, the easier the selection will be.

Which Tires Are Best For An Audi RS7?

Best All-Season High-Performance Tires

Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS

This tire model has high speed, cornering agility, durability, and superb braking in its DNA. The good side of things is that the tire handles greatly both in wet and dry conditions. This is due to its specific design, adaptable to various conditions. Let's see the plethora of specifications this tire has.

Tread Compound and Design

First of all, the Potenza RE980AS has an asymmetrical architecture. This greatly benefits cornering agility without losing balance and responsiveness. In wet conditions, the tire efficiently sheds water from the tread or its interlocking 3D sipes.
The component in this tire is a specific one meant to enhance grip in various all-season conditions. Moreover, it has technologies that make it resistant to thermal stress. This means the tire will quickly return to its original condition after exposure to various thermal stress factors.

Ride Quality and Noise Control

I am sure that the lovers of the Audi RS7 vehicle are also avid lovers of comfort. Well, the Potenza RE980AS will not disappoint you in this aspect. The tire is synonymous with ride smoothness thanks to special integrated technologies. The Potenza RE980AS has a special construction that ensures the absorption of shocks on uneven roads and suppresses noise.

Moreover, both our and external tests confirm that the Potenza RE980AS is one of the quietest tires in the modern industry. Our experts noted that difficult roads slightly reduce the quality of the ride. But taking into account that it is a performance tire, this shortcoming can be forgiven.

Performance Ratings

Let's see what the tire offers from a performance perspective. If we talk about dry conditions, the Potenza RE980AS deals superbly both at high and low speeds. Cornering is linear, no oversteering issues and high communicative responsiveness are guaranteed with this model.

When you put this tire in a wet environment, this is where it manifests itself to its maximum potential. Wet conditions make the tire feel like a fish in water, that is, it manifests itself at a higher level. The tests indicate a wet performance rating much higher than that of the competitors by almost 20%. The grip and tenacity on the wet is impressive, as is the short and agile braking distance. All this in no way affects the control of various maneuvers, which translates into a higher level of safety.

With the cooling off time, this Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS remains reliable. The brand had promised that this model would be up to 50% more efficient in snow than the previous models. The tests I did confirmed its reliable traction. Note that it's not a winter tire, so don't expect the same level of performance. But for an all-season option, the snow performance and traction are far above average. 

Potenza RE980AS Price Value

Many drivers are curious about the price of this tire. The price varies depending on the size. For example, the 275/35R20 size would be around $280 with a small margin of difference between different retailers. Either way, we find this price optimal considering the performance rating of this tire. The tread life warranty is 50,000 miles which is acceptable for a performance tire.

Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 PLUS

This tire is everything an Audi owner could want. And these are not just empty words. First of all, the "DWS" in the name refers to the superb performance of Dry, Wet, and Snow. Thus, we can conclude that the tire is more than universal in various conditions. In fact, any owner of performance vehicles such as sedans and sports cars can rely on this tire to excel in the most extreme conditions.

Tread Compound and Design

Just like its competitor Bridgestone, this Continental offering has an asymmetric architecture. This serves to optimize performance due to its components and weather versatility. Continental relied on SportPlus technology to increase its wet and dry performance while maintaining pretty low rolling resistance. As such, the ExtremeContact DWS06 PLUS is also fuel efficient in addition to all the other benefits.

Compared to its predecessor, the new DWS06 Plus has deeper 3D sipes and wider shoulder blocks. These improve handling skills in the snow. In addition, the tire is praised for its steering response thanks to its center rib that optimizes contact with the road.

As if that were not enough, this model has Quick View Indicators. This is a technology that informs the driver in advance about deviations in tire wear. This allows the driver to take early measures to avoid tire damage.

Ride Quality and Noise Control

The DWS 06 Plus tire offers higher comfort than other in-price options. At the same time, it is lower than most all-season tires. After all, this is a high-performance tire and it is specific for these tires to be a little less comfortable. The reason lies in their stiffer casing. Stiffness benefits the tire's agility, but slightly reduces its comfort. So, this is what is to be expected from the DWS 06 Plus tire.

However, our test team recognizes that the DWS 06 Plus tire inhibits bumps and road irregularities very decently for its high-performance status. Drivers can expect some noises as the tire does not have very sophisticated technologies for its suppression.

Performance Ratings

Our tests took place with a set of 21'' tires. Both dry, snow, and rain conditions did not affect the performance of the tire, which performed well in any of the mentioned conditions. The handling, the communication, the responsiveness to inputs, the feedback, and the balance - all are of a higher level. The tire is very close to a summer tire in its agility and dynamics.

As with Bridgestone, the DWS 06 Plus feels very comfortable in wet conditions. It reduces hydroplaning superbly, tenaciously evacuating water from its channels. Thanks to SportPlus technology, the tire provides low rolling resistance without sacrificing performance.

As for the winter conditions, the tire is very reliable. Taking into account that it is a high-performance tire, we expected poorer winter traction. But Continental has endowed it with a grippy compound that helps with decent traction in light snow conditions. However, it is not necessary to rely on it during severe winters.

DWS 06 Plus Price Value

Many drivers decide to buy the tire only based on the price. But this approach is not correct. Rather, we must evaluate the ratio between price and value. Thus, we can better understand if the tire is worth the money. As in the case of Bridgestone, the price for DWS 06 Plus tires differs depending on the size. On average, this is between $240-300 per unit.

Many would say that it is too high a price for an all-season tire. Well, they are right if we consider only the price. But if we also consider the performance aspects, we notice that other all-season offers have much lower ratings. So, this Continental option is suitable for those who want solid ratings to match the strength of their Audi vehicle.
In addition, the tire has a treadwear warranty of 50,000 miles. That sounds promising considering the high-performance nature of the DWS 06 Plus tire.

Best High-Performance Summer Tires for Audi RS7

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

The article could not be complete if a Michelin tire was missing from it. Just as Michelin is a pro in the summer tires category, the Pilot Sport 4S seems the best option for an Audi RS7. Summer high-performance tires usually have everything, but less comfort. Well, not in the case of the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tire. This harmoniously combines everything from ultimate performance to ride quietness.

Michelin engineers have integrated a series of technologies to make this summer tire different from the others on the market. As such, this model enjoys improved traction, superb control at the limit, and impressive handling.

Tread Compound and Design

Like the previous tires, we are again dealing with an asymmetric design in the Pilot Sport 4S tire. This manifests itself best when it comes to stability and superior handling during cornering. The tire pattern takes wet conditions into account and has specialized channels for superior water dispersion.

At the same time, Michelin sought to solve the typical problem of high-performance tires, namely resistance to rough treatments. As such, the tire maker has integrated special components that increase resistance and durability, without compromising performance and solid traction.

Ride Comfort and Noise Control

One of the goals of this tire is to blend high-performance nature with superior comfort. Michelin achieved this goal thanks to innovative tire construction processes. One of these processes aims at the implementation of Acoustic technology that suppresses noises, vibrations, and shocks. Needless to mention the tire is more fuel-efficient than its rivals.

Performance Ratings

You can only expect from Michelin a class-leading max performance both in grip, traction, and handling. This is valid for both wet and dry scenarios by the way. Drivers report precise handling and responsiveness even when they push a little harder on acceleration. The stability is maintained at a higher level both in straight-line and in cornering. Traveling on highways is a real pleasure combined with a feeling of ultimate safety.

It is absurd to test this summer tire in winter conditions because it is simply not meant for such conditions. And we don't recommend it to you either. The Pilot Sport 4S rubber compound does not withstand low temperatures and becomes too stiff and ineffective for snowy roads.

Price Value

Don't expect a low price for all the amalgamation of performances of the Pilot Sport 4S tire. This is among the most expensive and varies between $239-$440. If you look at things from the performance perspective though, the price is completely justified. Also, remember that the tire comes with a three-life warranty of 30,000 miles. This doesn't sound as promising as the tread life of an all-season tire, but it is quite remarkable for a summer option.

Best High-Performance Winter Tires for Audi RS 7

Michelin Pilot Alpine PA4

The last model on our list is another Michelin tire. Of all the winter tires tested, I found this model the most agile and dynamic in winter conditions. Michelin built it with an active temperature system that controls its internal structure for superior winter resistance. The benefit of this technology consists of maintaining the grip of the tire both in snowy conditions and in wet and dry conditions.

Tread Compound and Design

From an architectural point of view, the tire stands out for its large slits. They are responsible for water drainage and further evacuation to improve contact with the road. As a result, the tire performs superbly against hydroplaning allowing drivers to accelerate confidently.

Challenging winter conditions are not a problem for this tire. The Alpin PA4 maintains a highly responsive steering including in corners without compromising stability or traction.

Ride Comfort and Noise Control

Taking into account that we are dealing with a max-performance tire, we did not expect a high level of comfort during our tests. However, we were surprised by how well it suppresses noises and vibrations. Turns out that the Alpin PA4 tire has a Continuous Intelligent Damping System that optimizes the response to road harshness. This system promises maximum comfort with your Audi RS 7 chair if you have thousands of miles to drive.

Performance Ratings

What our test team noticed were the braking abilities and the behavior on dry and wet roads of the Alpin PA4 tire. The dry performance has the nature of a summer tire with the same agility and dynamics in handling. If the weather conditions worsen, the tire does not lose its performance abilities. This remains just as confident in the foreign line as it is in cornering. Water or slushy ice does not prevent it from excelling in balance and stability, remaining solid even in harsh snow conditions.

Price Value

The price could be a dealbreaker for many drivers as it is around $400 for a 275/35R20 size that I tested. On Neotires, though, you can find better deals for this model. We were impressed by the capabilities of Alpin PA4. So, we do not consider this price unjustified. In addition, the treadwear warranty of 30,000 miles is a pleasant bonus for those who know that performance winter tires do not last that long. 

Bottom line

You might find these 3 tires pretty pricey. And I understand perfectly that indeed, the price is above the market average. However, the tests show that these models perform much better than other in-class offerings. I promise to come back with more affordable offers for your Audi car. But allow me to say that the Audi RS 7 deserves the best tires in the industry. Drive safe!

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