Ardent SUV RX702

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A great choice for any weather use on passenger vehicles, SUVs, and CUVs is the new Ardent SUV RX702. Designed to deliver top notch grip, stability, and control, this tire ensures a smooth and safe driving experience, whether it's sunny or rainy. With advanced technology, it's built to handle various road conditions while providing a comfortable experience.

Firstly, the special tread design used on the Ardent SUV RX702 increases the contact with the road, providing superior grip on both dry and wet surfaces. This means better acceleration, braking, and overall control, giving you confidence in various driving conditions. Moreover, the wide grooves are here to throw away water and reduce the risk of sliding. This way, the driving experience becomes safer.

Secondly, the modern shoulders enhance how the Ardent SUV RX702 responds to your steering inputs, making the car feel more connected to your commands. They also minimize road noise, providing a quieter experience so you can enjoy conversations or music without distractions. Equally important, the natural rubber compound promotes durability, backed up by increased strength. Additionally, it protects the body from incoming punctures. Then, the smart sipe placement allows for more biting edges. This aids in better road contact on wet, or simply dry courses. This is very important because when going at high speed, or when cornering, having your tire stick to the ground can be the deciding point of what can happen next. Finally, the available sizes on the US market start from 15'' and finish up with 19'' rim diameters.

Features and benefits

  • Amazing all season, high performance tire with excellent overall use and performance.
  • Special tread design improves traction, thus aiding in better responsiveness.
  • Smart sipe placement allows for more biting points with the ground.
  • Wide grooves throw away water and reduce the risk of sliding.
  • Modern shoulders offer increased control when going at high speed, or when cornering.
  • Natural rubber compound protects the body from incoming damage.
Technical specs
Mileage Warranty 45000
Load Index 107
Speed Index H
Load Range SL
Sidewall BLK
Part Number 57181

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