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Advanta AV5000S is a premium steer and all position commercial tire. This model promotes high performance in terms of mileage, fuel efficiency, and lateral stability. It covers a wide range of commercial trucks such as box trucks and 18 wheelers.

Above all, the AV5000S comes with a SmartWay tread compound molded into an innovative tread design. It presents five ribs pattern. Closed shoulder blocks promote superb grip in a wide variety of weather. To increase the braking and steering, it has solid shoulder blocks and special central ribs, that promote responsive handling at the same time. In other words, the AV5000S shows the best performance in the long haul and some regional services. For instance, there are some sizes that guarantee up to 7160lbs maximum load.

In addition, engineers use the all new technologies to minimize environmental impact and rolling resistance for minimal cost per mile. The extra durable tread compound is molded into a 19/32” deep tread pattern combined with innovative internal construction. As a result, it shows improved pressure distribution of forces. Four wide longitudinal grooves reduce aquaplaning risks by better water dispersion from under the tire footprint. Advanta AV5000S is available in 22.5 and 24.5-inch sizes with 14 and 16 ply ratings. This tire is one of the best steer and all position tire options with superb grip and handling performance. In conclusion, it is the most suitable tire option for Volvo FM and Iveco Stralis.

Features and benefits

  • Advanced steer and all position tire.
  • Five rib pattern with optimized sipes on inner ribs guarantee precise steering, handling, and maneuverability performance.
  • S-shaped sipes on the center blocks promote additional grip performance.
  • SmartWay Verified tread compound improves rolling resistance, fuel efficiency, and CO2 emissions. 
  • Multi rib tread pattern reduces road noise and vibrations for comfortable working.
  • Four wide circumferential grooves reduce hydroplaning risk, for more contact with the road.

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