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As municipalities strive to maintain roads and infrastructure all year round, tractor tires tailored to their unique needs become a valuable asset. With this in mind, we present the BKT RideMax IT 696 - a reliable tire designed for transport and municipality tasks. Moreover, it can be used in all weather conditions, even snow, providing excellent performance at higher speeds.

Starting off, the BKT RideMax IT 696 comes with an aggressive tread pattern that makes it suitable for all season usage. The directional block design offers great traction and surface contact at all times. Besides, specially shaped lugs at the center of the patch improve steering accuracy and overall stability, especially when driving fast. Next, the optimized void ratio boosts the self cleaning ability without giving up road contact. It keeps ground parts away from the tread, leading to increased safety and control in harsh conditions.

In addition, the large open shoulders of the BKT RideMax IT 696 add lateral grip to raise the cornering precision, lowering the chances of skidding when taking sharp turns. Also, the durable sidewalls shield the rim from side impacts that could lead to downtimes. What's more, they upgrade the load capacity, allowing a single tire to support up to 14,300 lbs, depending on the size. The modern rubber compound ensures a lower rolling resistance, resulting in less fuel usage. A strong casing on the inside resists deep cuts and punctures to extend the service life of the tire. Lastly, this model is accessible on the US market in many popular sizes from 16" up to 42" rim diameters.

Features and benefits

  • Strong all season tractor tire crafted for transport and municipality jobs.
  • Directional tread pattern with lugs offers the best grip and traction, even in snow.
  • Optimized void ratio boosts self cleaning for more safety and control.
  • Robust sidewalls shield the rim from damage and elevate the load capacity.
  • New rubber compound reduces the rolling resistance to improve fuel efficiency and handling accuracy.

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