Bridgestone ECOPIA EP600

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Meet the Bridgestone Ecopia EP600, where efficiency meets the open road. This grand touring all season tire is ideal for electric vehicles thanks to its low rolling resistance and optimized design. Besides, it was originally developed for the BMW i3 and BMW i8 electric cars with the goal of maximizing battery life.

The Bridgestone Ecopia EP600 stands out with its unique tread profile that not only offers great traction but efficiency as well. A narrow footprint reduces the rolling resistance by a lot, thus cutting energy use to boost your vehicle's range. We should mention that Bridgestone's technology was voted "Tire Technology of the Year" in 2014, earning them an award for innovation. It perfectly balances the tire's large diameter with a narrow tread to save energy. This design effectively boosts vehicle and tire aerodynamics, thus reducing drag. In addition, this model has durable sidewalls that shield the rim and combat lateral forces created at higher speeds.

What's more, the Bridgestone Ecopia EP600 has an asymmetric four rib tread pattern that ensures traction and surface grip all year round. The all season rubber compound keeps its flexibility in cold and hot weather without giving up performance. Moreover, the large shoulders improve side grip, making it easier to take sharp turns, especially in light snow. Three wide linear grooves throw water and slush away from the patch to reduce the risks of aquaplaning or skidding. The tire's abundant siping creates plenty of biting edges that boost handling and braking power in winter conditions. At last, the Ecopia EP600 is available in popular sizes with rim diameters of 19".

Features and benefits

  • Innovative grand touring all season tire designed for electric vehicles.
  • Asymmetric tread pattern provides great traction and grip all year round.
  • Large grooves expel water and slush from the patch to increase safety and control.
  • Unique narrow tread design reduces the rolling resistance and improves battery range.
  • Heavy siping creates a lot of biting edges for better handling and braking power.
  • Durable sidewalls shield the rim from curb damage and combat lateral forces.

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