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Speeding requires both great driver control and trusty equipment. Centara offers both of them with their products. For example, their new Vanti HP is very fuel efficient at high speed, no matter the season. This high performance tire is marked with a W speed index and with the help of modern engineering, allows for safe and cozy rides. This model suits most passenger cars that demand high performance.

Primarily, the asymmetric tread design ensures high traction and driver stability on highways. The all season compound boosts road grip during dry, wet and winter conditions. This modern rubber formula also keeps the tire flexible in colder environments. The tread pattern features individual ribs that not only maintain casing integrity but also provide great pull force. Four linear grooves quickly expel water and slush from the patch area for enhanced traction and braking power during rain and snow. Because of that, the Vanti HP proves itself as an excellent and reliable tire.

Moreover, a unique wide shoulder design boosts lateral traction and minimizes heat accumulation. The various patterns of sipes on this model improve surface contact, thus decreasing the risk of skidding. Due to computer planning, the Vanti HP does a great job at denying road noise, therefore delivering a quiet and comfortable ride. It benefits from narrow sidewalls that both protect the model and offer a stylish look. The internal structure shields the inner part from road hazards.

Finally, Centara gives you a 90 days money back warranty. It comes in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 16" to 22" rim diameter. The model fits great on strong vehicles like the Audi A5, Honda Civic Sport, and Ford Focus Titanium.

Features and benefits

  • Premium high performance model that offers safety and comfort.
  • All season tread compound delivers high traction all year round.
  • The unique patch pattern enhances road grip and keeps strong contact.
  • A wide footprint improves car stability and driver control.
  • Straight grooves combat water buildup for decreased aquaplaning risk.
  • Modern shoulder design maintains casing integrity and boosts lateral grip.

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