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Comforser CF500 is a budget tire that is ideal for the summer season. It is developed to fit and serve a wide range of passenger cars. It is one of the most suitable budget options for the BMW X3, Chevrolet Impala Limited, Audi Q3, Ford Escape, Volvo V60 Cross Country, and Mazda CX-30.

In the designing of the CF500, engineers use a special rubber compound shaped into a directional pattern with a V-shaped groove design. Optimized tread pattern increases contact surface with the asphalt and delivers high road stability, and reduces rolling resistance. Also, the variable tread offers great fuel usage and high acoustic comfort. Wide shoulders create high resistance against lateral forces, thus combating uneven wear. Additionally, innovative center ribs increase handling responsiveness. While four transversal grooves force away efficient water from under the tire footprint.

The Comforser CF500 is constructed using a high-tensile steel belt, which provides added strength and durability, and a nylon cap ply. As a result, all of these help to improve road noise and improve ride comfort. While, the advanced casing structure resists and ensures up to 168mph, depending on the tire size. Reinforced sidewalls reduce flex for best steering. Comforser CF500 is present on the US market in a wide range of sizes with 15, 16, 17, and 18-rim diameters. These come with W or V-speed rating, which means that they can perform up to 168 or 149 mph. For example, there is also a Z-rated size.

Features and benefits

  • Affordable and quality summer tire for passenger car use.
  • Advanced rubber compound provides road grip for high stability.
  • The continous center rib provides responsive handling for controlled steering.
  • A V-shaped pattern provides the best water evacuation for confident grip power.
  • Durable casing construction offers the high durability necessary to combat damage produced by any kind of road hazard.
  • Available in both Std and XL load ranges.

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