Comforser CF600

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As we said before, Comforser produces a wide range of products for passenger cars. They produce great rubber for all tastes and budgets. All models come with increased attention to quality control for the entire manufacturing process, as well as for product marking and packaging.

Let's get to know the Comforser CF600. This is one of the most highlighted models designed for year-round use. This model benefits from an advanced rubber compound focused on performance. As a result, it is able to offer exceptional performance in terms of braking, traction, and grip on wet roads. Due to a new uni-directional design of the profile made for increased safety, Comforser CF600 maintains an optimal level of water evacuation, for increased resistance to aquaplaning even at high speeds. On the other side, the uni-directional design prevents uneven wear and reduces rolling resistance. Additionally, the innovative groove design ensures minimal running noise and considerably reduces fuel usage.

It also features four linear grooves coupled with other tread grooves. Therefore, these expel efficient water from under the tire footprint, keeping road stability. This model is present on the market in a wide range of sizes from 13 to 16-inch diameters. Several of them are 225/60R16, 195/65R15, and 215/70R15. It is an optimal tire for drivers of the Audi A6, Dodge Avenger, Subaru Outback, and many other passenger cars.

Features and benefits

  • An advanced tire with a strong and stylish pattern design.
  • Specialized rubber formula resists uneven wear for high mileage.
  • Four linear grooves increase grip and traction power for the best driving experience on wet surfaces.
  • The continous center rib provides responsive handling for a dynamic steering feel.
  • The directional pattern expels rapid water and slush for maximum contact with the road.
  • Durable casing construction with special sidewalls resist damage produced by curbs and other road hazards.
  • This model meets standards such as ECE, DOT, and ISO.

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