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    Continental HDL Eco Plus

    This model is an advanced fuel-efficient drive position tire developed for commercial use to show performance in terms of fuel usage, traction, uniform tread wear, load safety, and casing durability. It is designed to be used in long-haul and over the highway applications.

    The HDL Eco Plus comes with an advanced SmartWay verified tread compound molded into an aggressive tread pattern that presents a four-rib, lug-like design with a large footprint for better pressure distribution providing increased mileage, adherence, and more stability as well.

    For safety reasons, this model is built on the innovative casing structure combined with durable sidewall designed to add extra casing durability reducing road hazards especially the bruises and penetrations impacts. Special tread groove geometry provides high aquaplaning resistance by better water and slush evacuation from under the tire contact patch, enhancing the best year-round performance. Due to innovative tread elements and patented groove technology, the tire presents high stone retention resistance for improved casing lifespan.

    Continental HDL Eco Plus is available with 20/32” and 26/32” tread depth, being one of the best fuel-efficient drive position tire options for a wide range of commercial vehicles used in goods transportation and people applications.

    Features and benefits

    • Drive position tire with trustworthy internal construction.

    • Aggressive design provides high traction, more stability, and fuel efficiency.

    • Enhanced tread compounds deliver improved cut and tear resistance.

    • Increased sidewall protection for additional durability and high safety features as well.

    • Minimal stone drilling risk due to special tread elements and innovative groove technology.

    • Durable sidewall manages the road's hazards.

    • Closed shoulder promotes excellent all-season traction.

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