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For the best journey to be achieved, drivers need to equip their rides with quality tires. In this case, Crosswind is a great choice because they have proven themselves to reliable and affordable. For example, their L780 has everything you need from a highway model. Moreover, by being all season, it offers great traction no matter the weather. It's the perfect fit for light trucks and vans.

Firstly, the tire takes advantage from durable rubber components that resist hot and cold weather while shielding the inner part from damage. It also benefits from stiff and wide sidewalls that deliver outstanding steering control and cornering safety. With a confident shoulder design, the Crosswind L780 has no problem with heat buildup or highway skidding. The five rib pattern ensures equal weight distribution and vehicle stability all year round. By utilizing a strong central rib, the tire can sustain load pressure, thus neglecting rubber deformation for increased mileage.

In addition, four linear grooves make sure no water and slush remain in the patch area. This also boosts safety during ugly weather by lowering the aquaplaning risk. With the help of ample siping, Crosswind provides you with all-time surface contact and strong braking for peace of mind while driving. Also, with such a low rolling resistance, this model embraces efficient fuel usage for longer rides. Besides, the internal construction of this tire keeps a stable casing integrity and protection from stabs. Due to computer designing, this tire minimizes road noise and maximizes comfort levels.

On top of that, Crosswind offers you a 40,000 miles tread life warranty. It comes in many major sizes with 15" and 16" wheel diameters. Customers recommend this model on cars like Ford F150 and Dodge Ram.

Features and benefits

  • Exceptional light truck tire that delivers all season performance.
  • Modern design allows for high comfort levels and silent rides.
  • Wide grooves lower water and slush buildup for more safety.
  • The five rib design ensures strong traction on the highway.
  • Plenty of sipes keep a confident road grip and surface contact.
  • Unique shoulder design offers responsive driver control no matter the weather.

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