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Dunlop's buyers always have the best options to choose from the vast majority of tires on the US market. And so, its newest SP Sport Maxx GT represents the definition of a sportive feeling that finds its use in passenger vehicles, sports cars, powerful coupes, and sedans. Also, this model combines luxury with high speed in summer, on dry or wet courses.

In the first place, the modern constitution of the rubber allows for tire rotation on staggered fitments that are common to high-end performance vehicles. This is present here, because of the non-directional and asymmetric tread pattern. The balance of performance for various course conditions is supported, too, as an extra advantage. Then, the unique 3D carved sipes and Multi-Radius Tread Technology define the meaning of great traction when it's most needed. Thus, comes the increased braking power and the reduced distance of sliding.

Secondly, the wide and circumferential grooves throw water and debris from the exterior of the SP Sport Maxx GT. And so, the risk of hydroplaning reduces drastically. Speaking of the durability of the product, this is the combined result of the open lateral shoulders and the internal constitution. The first one has the Hybrid Jointless Band Technology, which maintains tire shape and enables smooth performances at high speeds. The side is protected by a thick layer of rubber and goes down to form a bead fit system for the interior of the tire. This results in enhanced force transmission between tire and wheel and protects the whole body from damages and punctures.

Finally, vehicles such as BMW M8, Audi RS7, and Bentley Continental GT represent the meaning of sports cars and luxury ones used with Dunlop's model. And, the US market gives us many available sizes, such as 235/50R18, 275/35R19. 325/30R21.

Features and benefits

  • Premium quality tire with sporty design and excellent performance in summer.
  • Unique tread and rubber constitution make the ride more comfortable and give the driver more control over the vehicle.
  • Modern sipes placement delivers great traction on wet and dry courses.
  • Wide and circumferential grooves evacuate water and debris from the external part.
  • Reinforced texture of the internal part protects the whole body from punctures and damage.

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