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Everybody knows that Dunlop is responsible for making only great tires. For those who want high speeds, but combined with a comfortable ride, this product is the best to choose from. And this is the new Sport Maxx Race. It is a UHP summer model. It goes on passenger vehicles, such as sporty and luxury sedans, or coupes.

Its asymmetric tread design and high grip racing tire compound provide impressive summer road gripping ability. Also, their main role is to get that extra touch with the dry course. This provides the maximum possible Y-rated speed, but with a quiet and comfortable ride too. Then, the four main sharp grooves evacuate water and debris. Thus comes the reduced risk of hydroplaning. But, as always, caution is required in deeper water.

Moreover, the high angle ribs feature massive outer shoulders. Their role is to boost the cornering ability. Along with this comes the increased handling and acceleration too. This provides greater power with additional biting edges. Moving to the internal part, here lies a hybrid overlay with reinforced twin steel belts. They are here to limit tire deformation. This gives more controllability, and protection from all kinds of damage and punctures.

Equally important, some of the best vehicles used with the Sport Maxx Race are Mercedes-Benz CLA and Porsche Cayman GT4. These two represent the balance of luxury and sportive use too. The US market has many available sizes for Dunlop's products that feature 19, 20, and 21" measurements.

Features and benefits

  • Premium model with sporty design and excellent summer performance.
  • Innovative asymmetric tread design improves overall riding quality because of the enhanced handling and better touch to the ground.
  • Modern directional grooves reduce the risk of hydroplaning, as water and debris get eliminated from the tire's constitution.
  • Open lateral shoulders increase maneuverability in corners and protect the sidewall.
  • Resistant internal construction doesn't allow puncture penetration from the outside, to the inside.
  • Generous manufacturer choice to provide the customer with a limited time mile warranty.

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