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If you want ultra-high performance, with a sportive feeling, then Dunlop's got you covered. Its newest Sport Maxx RT represents a sports car tire. Also, the RT means compatibility with rugged terrain. This way it can handle the softer ground and uneven terrain too. It goes on passenger vehicles, such as sporty sedans and coupes. Its main use is to provide the driver with the best summer driving experience.

And so, the adaptive tread compound offers a racing grip and improved braking performance on dry, or muddy courses. Also, the rubber blocks and compartments combine to offer a shorter sliding distance at high Y-rated speeds. Moreover, the low weight construction allows lower rolling resistance for better performance. This is the result of a great fuel economy.

As for the water and debris evacuation, the sharp and directional grooves do their job perfectly. With this comes the reduced risk of hydroplaning too. Then, the massive outer shoulder blocks offer maneuverability when cornering.  Along with this, comes the protection of the sidewall. And, speaking of which, the protection from punctures is the consequence of the internal construction. It forms twin steel belts, aided by Dunlop's Jointless Band spirally wound cord. Their role is to provide high-speed durability and enhance ride uniformity.

Finally, as the customers say, vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz C63 S and Subaru WRX are some of the best choices with the Sport Maxx RT. The US market offers many available sizes to choose from on the 17, 18, 19, and 20" measurements.

Features and benefits

  • Resistant premium quality tire with sporty design with exceptional summer performance.
  • Special tread compound offers improved riding quality with enhanced grip, traction, and handling.
  • Sharp grooves reduce the risk of hydroplaning, with water evacuation.
  • Open lateral shoulders protect the sidewall and deliver stability in corners.
  • Internal construction with sensational technology resists all kinds of punctures and damage.
  • Available with a good treadwear warranty.

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