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Welcome to the world of Durun tires where safety meets performance. Introducing the pinnacle of automotive innovation the Durun M636. This model is an all season UHP tire developed for powerful and luxury cars. It shows its real potential in warm weather conditions. In the section below, we will talk in detail about this product.

Above all, we should point out that Durun M636 uses an innovative rubber compound shaped into an asymmetrical pattern with solid shoulders. Modern five rib pattern offers powerful traction, steering precision, and ride comfort. Its low rolling resistance design enhances fuel efficiency. To boost road stability on wet roads, here we have four linear grooves that expel efficient water from under the tire's footprint. While shoulder plate design minimizes the heat and road noise generation at high speeds.

For safety reasons, limited sizes of Durun M636 use the Run Flat technology. It includes reinforced internal construction that can maintain the support and control of the vehicle even if the tire loses air pressure. As a result, you can keep moving up to 50 miles safely. In other words, this technology guarantees the moving freedom. Moreover, the M636 has a special rim guard crafted to protect the wheel from lateral damage for longer tread life. Best of all, durable casing and strong continual cap ply improve high speed performance. When it comes to presence on the market this product stays great. It is available in a wide range of sizes from 205/65R15 up to 255/40ZR19, ideal for luxury and premium passenger cars. Depending on the tire size, the load range can be XL or SL. In conclusion, if you need the best performance without sacrificing safety, the Durun M636 is the best choice.

Features and benefits

  • Advanced UHP tire with black and sporty sidewall design.
  • Continuous center ribs and a wide footprint ensure responsive handling for dynamic steering feel.
  • Quiet and smooth driving experience due to the modern pattern that inhibits road noise.
  • Reinforced toe-month wire guarantees superior durability and strength for safe and confident rides.
  • Asymmetrical pattern with wide shoulders delivers unwavering confidence in sharp corners.
  • Limited sizes come with Run Flat technology for customers' peace of mind.
  • Covered by a great treadwear warranty.

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