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Say goodbye to road worries and hello to endless possibilities. Elevate your ride with the Durun range of commercial trailer tires, and let the road become your partner. One of the most outstanding models is the Durun STC1. As the name suggests, it is a special trailer tire developed to be mounted on a wide range of trailer platforms and other types of trailers. In the section below, we will describe this model in detail.

Firstly, we should point out that STC1 uses a wear resistant rubber compound shaped into multi rib pattern. Round shoulders and three continous center ribs deliver increased gripping power and directional stability. Wide footprint efficiently distributes load pressure and stress for extended tire lifespan. Four circumferential grooves expel rapid water, stones, slush, and snow, thus keeping the pattern always clean and ready to perform. Like many ST tires, this model benefits from reinforced internal construction. Durable casing and strong sidewalls deliver high resistance against sidewall flex. Therefore, the load integrity remains at a high level of safety.

When it comes to size availability, the Durun STC1 stays very well. It is developed in many popular ST sizes with 13" to 16" rim diameters. Depending on the tire size, the carrying capability varies from 1,356 lbs up to 3,527 lbs. As a result, it is able to meet the needs of a wide range of customers. In conclusion, if you need a trustworhty ST tire for your trailer platform for sure the Durun STC1 should be the ideal choice.

Features and benefits

  • Advanced ST tire optimized for all season trailer applications.
  • Unique circumferential groove design minimizes the risk of aquaplaning.
  • Wide footprint with an aggressive design provides high grip power for maximum road stability and load safety.
  • Reinforced internal structure supports heavy load in both line and regional hauling.
  • Continous center ribs improve abrasion resistance for maximum tire lifespan.
  • Available with a great manufacturer warranty for your peace of mind.

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