Federal 595

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Federal 595

This model is an innovative ultra-high-performance summer tire designed especially for drivers of coupes, hatchbacks, and tuning cars who are looking for the best summer traction, responsive handling and excellent cornering performance as well.

The 595 comes with a new silica infused tread compound molded into an aggressive look unidirectional tread pattern that presents innovative wear-resistant shoulder blocks designed to increase road stability. Extra-wide arrow-shaped center rib promotes instant handling and best cornering performance for the best driving experience. The engineers use an advanced tread pattern with excellent drainage, to promote high aquaplaning resistance for controlled and safe racing experience. Due to the latest technologies used in the tire industry, this model delivers low rolling resistance for faster lap times and better dry grip.

For safety reasons, this model has numerous V-shaped central grooves and oblique grooves to increase the water dispersion from under the tire footprint, thus increasing aquaplaning resistance, maintaining circuit adherence, and extra road stability even in rain conditions. This tire has a larger tread contact area that promotes the best pressure distribution, along with a short braking distance, and safe ride.

According to the customer reviews and annual sales, Federal 595 is one of the best UHP tire options for drivers of sports cars who are looking for drift and circuit tires.

Features and benefits

  • Innovative directional tread pattern.

  • Massive shoulder blocks combat the cornering forces for maximum road adherence and safe ride.

  • Large contact area promotes driving stability and optimum distribution of pressures.

  • Many V-shaped tread grooves provide strong braking, acceleration, and handling performance.

  • Steel tire cord and reinforced sidewalls guarantee the best cornering stability.

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