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Federal Couragia A/T is a versatile all terrain tire. This model is built to cover a wide range of today’s light trucks and SUVs. It delivers good off road performance, safety, and ride comfort.

Above all, Couragia A/T comes with a durable tread compound. It is molded into an aggressive tread pattern. Staggered blocks to promote superior traction in sand, dirt, asphalt, and rocks. Innovative shoulders with multiple biting edges ensure exceptional performance in all terrain environments. As a result, it offers a comfortable and quiet driving experience. On the other hand, solid center blocks ensure maximum comfort along with optimal cornering capacities on the highway.

Moreover, numerous tread grooves deliver efficient water, snow, slush dispersion from under the tire footprint for more contact with the surface. For instance, Federal engineers produce a high quality tread compound built to provide high mileage, traction, and short braking distance. Inside the tire, we can find a heavy duty internal structure that includes steel belt construction designed to add extra durability and strength. Due to widened zigzag grooves, it promotes high resistance to stone retention and drilling.

Federal Couragia A/T is available in a wide range of sizes starting from 15 to 17-inch sizes with T, Q, and S-speed ratings, In conclusion, this model is one of the most trustworthy A/T on the US market.

Features and benefits

  • Aggressive and staggered A/T tire.
  • Developed for towing, and hauling services.
  • All new groove geometry minimizes the risk of stone retention.
  • Rugged shoulder blocks promote lateral grip and powerful traction.
  • Zigzag tread grooves reduce the risk of hydroplaning for a controlled ride.
  • Solid center rib delivers responsive handling on the road.
  • A wide footprint allows better pressure distribution for uniform wear and more contact with the road.
  • Available with black sidewall and outlined white letter.

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