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Federal Couragia M/T is an extra durable mud terrain tire. This model is built to cover a wide range of today’s light trucks and SUVs. It delivers good off road performance, safety, and grip.

Above all, Couragia M/T comes with an advanced tread compound. It is molded into an aggressive look tread pattern. Independent tread blocks ensure ultimate traction in snow, dirt, mud, and rocks. Strengthened shoulders with multiple biting edges ensure exceptional performance in off road environments. As a result, due to aggressive tread design and rough sidewalls, this tire guarantees incredible resistance to many road hazards and damages.

Moreover, zigzag tread grooves offer efficient water, snow, slush evacuation from under the tire footprint for more contact with the surface. For instance, engineers spent a lot of resources to produce a reinforced tread compound focused on mileage, traction, and road adherence. Inside the tire, we can find a durable internal structure that includes steel belt construction designed to add extra durability and strength. Advanced grooves geometry offers high resistance to stone retention and drilling.

Federal Couragia M/T is available in a wide range of sizes starting from 15 to 24-inch sizes. In addition, it is available in P and Q-speed rating, and up to 19/32nds tread depth. This tire is available in standard metric, but also in LT version. In conclusion, this model is one of the most wanted M/T tire options by many SUVs owners.

Features and benefits

  • Aggressive M/T tire.
  • Developed for severe off road applications, and towing applications.
  • Varied grooves minimize the road noise and vibrations for a quiet and smooth ride.
  • Strengthened shoulder blocks promote confident grip in mud and snow.
  • Durable sidewalls improve carrying characteristics and inflation pressure.
  • The optimized footprint for better weight distribution, uniform wear, and more contact patch for road adherence.
  • Reinforced rubber compounds improve durability against cuts, chips, and other abrasions
  • Available with standard black sidewall, but also with an outlined white letter for 15, 16, and 17-inch sizes.
  • Branded with M+S symbol.

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