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Federal Formoza AZ01 is an innovative all season tire. This model is developed to fit a wide range of today’s luxury mid size and performance sedans. It provides improved grip, fuel efficiency, lateral stability, and responsive handling.

Above all, Formoza AZ01 comes with a specialized year round tread compound, which is molded into a five rib design. Intelligently designed shoulders boost the lateral stability for a controlled and safe ride. Solid center ribs promote precise steering in cornering and a high level of comfort during the ride. This model receives more contact area that ensures more contact with the road.

For safety reasons, four wide circumferential grooves increase road adherence and aquaplaning resistance. In addition, these grooves along with blade shaped lateral grooves expel effectively water from under the tire footprint for more contact with the asphalt. Federal uses the latest technologies in the tire industry to produce high quality tread compounds, as a result, it offers improved road stability, grip, and braking. Moreover, it comes with durable internal construction, that protects the tire from the hazards impacts. As result, this model is one of the leaders in terms of fuel usage, braking, and grip on the US market.

Federal Formoza AZ01 is available from 15 to 18-inch sizes with H, V and W-speed ratings. In conclusion,  it is one of the wanted high performance tires by owners of Ford Mondeo, Ford Focus, or Audi A4.

Features and benefits

  • Excellent all season tire.
  • Solid center rib promotes improved straight-line stability and responsive handling at high speeds.
  • Smooth and pleasant driving due to enclosed tread pattern that minimizes the road noise.
  • Blade shaped lateral grooves deliver more contact with the road and good aquaplaning resistance.
  • Four wide longitudinal grooves ensure great braking distance enough to stop vehicles in accident situations. 
  • HA Oil Free reduces exhaust emissions and rolling resistance.
  • Rated with M+S.

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