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Federal MS357 H/T is a durable highway tire. This model is developed for a wide range of  SUVs and light trucks. It delivers year round traction, strong grip, and mileage.

MS357 H/T comes with an all season tread compound molded into an aggressive on road tread design. It presents four ribs with intelligently designed shoulder blocks that promote better pressure distribution, lateral stability and ride comfort. In addition, twin solid center ribs offer responsive handling, but also low fuel usage. 

Above all, engineers use innovative technologies in the tire industry like Ha Oil Free and Silica compound. In other words, they minimize the CO2 emissions and environmental impact as well. Moreover, an innovative tread compound adds more tread flexibility in low temperatures conditions. For instance, it promotes excellent braking distance on dry, and wet roads.

For safety reasons, inside the tire, we can find a durable internal construction that offers more durability and strength. It also presents three wide circumferential grooves connected with numerous lateral grooves. Therefore these grooves manage the risk of hydroplaning by better water evacuation from under the tire footprint for the best all season traction and grip.

Federal MS357 H/T is available in 15 to 16-inch sizes, with S, R, and T-speed rating, and 3068 lbs load performance. According to the customer's reviews and annual sales, it is one of the leaders in the H/T category. In conclusion, it is one of the best tire options for people who are looking for the best traction, durability, and ride comfort.

 Features and benefits

  • Innovative SUV and light truck tire.
  • Twin center ribs promote superb handling at higher speeds.
  • Optimized tread design minimizes road noise and vibrations.
  • Specially designed shoulder blocks reduce the road noise and add more lateral stability.
  • Wide footprint allows better pressure distribution for uniform wear and more contact patch.
  • Three deep tread grooves reduce the risk against aquaplaning, more load, and passenger safety.

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