Goodyear EAGLE LS-2

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Maybe you don't know but the Eagle LS-2 was a very popular OEM choice for big car manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Toyota, and Audi. This thing reflects that this model is a trustworthy all season tire with great value. Goodyear designs this model in many popular sizes beginning from 15" up to 20" rim sizes. Coming in these dimensions, it covers a substantial part of the market, including compact cars, sedans, coupes, CUVs, and minivans. Nonetheless, the Eagle LS-2 is mostly for American, and German luxury sedans.

Let's get to know the tire in detail. In the production of this model, engineers focused on comfort, year-round performance, mileage, and fuel efficiency. They use premium quality materials and cutting edge technologies. The Eagle LS-2 comes with an innovative rubber compound formed into a five rib pattern. A special tread block sequence improves handling and traction capability offering low road noise at the same time. Therefore, customers enjoy a quality performance tire for a comfortable, quiet ride and confident traction in all seasons.

In addition, this model benefits from a legendary Goodyear casing that guarantees great absorption of bumps and vibrations. Four straight grooves with cross traction sipes expel efficient water for ultra-wet performance. Moreover, to keep a contemporary appearance, engineers use a stylish sidewall design. In conclusion, we want to say that after years, the Eagle LS-2 proved to be a long lasting and quality product.

Features and benefits

  • Premium quality grand touring tire with superb capability in all seasons.
  • Special rubber compound stays flexible in low temperatures.
  • Four linear tread grooves with cross sipes keep your vehicle on the road in heavy rains and slippy roads.
  • Multi pitch tread improves road noise for a quiet and smooth driving experience.
  • Strong shoulder blocks deliver high lateral stability and long life.
  • Optimized pattern increases the braking and acceleration power for confident stops and starts.

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